Almost 6,000 local residents have been vaccinated at Brownsville’s Teachers Preparatory High School over the past two weeks, thanks to a partnership between the City and the country’s largest independent digital pharmacy, Capsule.

Five immunization certified pharmacists from Capsule have worked from 10am-6pm six days a week over the past two weeks to vaccinate local residents, and the team is increasing the number of people vaccinated each day.

Vaccination site at Teachers Preparatory High School in Brownsville. Photo: Supplied.

Founder and CEO of Capsule Eric Kinariwala said since the start of the pandemic, Capsule had been at the forefront of partnering with local communities, governments, physicians and health systems to ensure everyone had uninterrupted access to the medications they needed.

 “We are proud to now be partners with the City of New York to ensure New Yorkers have access to the COVID-19 vaccine and to eradicate the virus’ spread.”

The City coordinates vaccination appointments for the Teachers Prep vaccine clinic. To schedule an appointment at the site, click here.

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  1. What type of vaccine are you administering at Capsule at Teachers Preparatory High School?

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