Medgar Evers College will open as a mass vaccination center this Wednesday, and local leaders are urging residents to advantage of the large number of appointments.

The center will be the largest vaccination site statewide and will have the capacity to do 3,000 vaccinations per day and 21,000 per week. It is being opened and run in a partnership between the federal government and the state.

The center is aimed at addressing low rates of vaccination in Brooklyn, most notably in Central and East Brooklyn neighborhoods, and for the first week appointments are only available to those living in the following ZIP codes: 11206, 11221, 11216, 11238, 11225, 11213, 11233, 11207, 11208, 11236, 11212, 11203, 11226 and 11210. After the first week, appointments will open to everyone in the borough.

To check your eligibility and to make an appointment, visit the state website here. Alternatively, you can drop into the center or call 1-833-697-4829 to make an appointment.

Currently, groups eligible for the vaccine include: nursing home residents and staff, healthcare workers, those 65 and over, grocery workers, first responders, corrections, p-12 staff, public transport staff, restaurant and delivery workers, taxi and limousine drivers, those who live or work in shelters or other residential programs or supportive housing and those with preexisting conditions. For full criteria, click here.

The MTA will increase the number of buses from NYCHA and community centers to the center at Medgar Evers College, which will be open from 8am to 8pm daily.

On Monday, Governor Andrew Cuomo visited the center and said vaccine was “the weapon that will win this war,” despite the three obstacles of shortness of supply, inequitable access and vaccine hesitancy.

“COVID discriminates. COVID highlighted the injustice and racism in society,” he said. “It didn’t create the ugliness [in society] but it showed the ugliness. Low tide in America, COVID showed you the racism, the inequality, the injustice that was just below the surface.”

Cuomo said the center at Medgar Evers College was about getting the vaccine into the communities that were most affected and making it easy for residents to access it.

Assemblymember Latrice Walker was also at Medgar Evers College Monday, and said beyond opening the site in Brooklyn it was important leaders walked hand-in-hand delivery each constituent to the site.

“It’s historic, it’s meaningful here at Medgar Evers College and not only that, it represents the best of State and federal partnerships and more importantly the focus is on fairness, it’s on equity and it’s on justice,” she said.

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Anna Bradley-Smith

Anna Bradley-Smith is Brooklyn-based reporter with bylines in NBC, VICE, Slate and others. Follow her on Twitter @annabradsmith.

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  1. What happened to Manhattan? How come there isn’t any Mass vaccination centers opening in Manhattan for Manhattan residence only? Can’t even get an appointment at Javitz Center. I have been trying for weeks, since January, for myself 71yearsold, for my daughter who is a postal worker with severe immune system disease, and my grandson who is a home care worker with asthma. Why are pharmacies who have available vaccines limited to only people 65yrs. and over? Problems! Problems!

    1. Allegedly the pharmacy are under contract with the federal government which says 65 and over.
      The state has different phases but their contract isn’t with the state.

    2. I know your 71 yrs young, but if the others who you refer are younger in age then I am wondering if they can help you go to a site that is open to all of the family. I have to travel also when it’s a matter of life and death I will travel, even in cabs. we have to make way for ourselves. stop depending on others when they gave us options to get to other sites. Wish you well.

  2. Yeah its totally “justice” to tell sick Brooklynites with underlying conditions that they can’t get vaccinated because they live in the wrong zipcode.

    This is such incredible garbage.

  3. “COVID discriminates. COVID highlighted the injustice and racism in society,”

    Except that its more complex then that. White men over 40 are fare more likely to die of COVID then African American women over 40.

    The biggest way this virus descriminates after age is based on sex. If this were about actual equity, we would prioritize based on actual vulnerability, but we arent.

    1. we have to stop being so stupid, COVID does not discriminate. this is a virus for all. The people need to really stop this racial nonsense. This is why we are in a mess right now because people won’t stop and realize we are all in trouble with this COVID, why everything has to be racial. Wake up people get you heard out the rear end. I pray for people like you.

  4. The website that the State website directs you to does not give the Brooklyn site as an option to make an appointment, even though it indicates that appointments are available

  5. I have an appointment via the online application…on March 3rd…I am …waiting for a response….via email or phone..Don’t want to travel to the site and have any problems..on March 3rd..

    1. where do you live and if you have a computer you can get a site on line. Wish you well.

  6. My name is Jackie I am eligible for Vaccine at Medgar Evers College I follows all directions on their site, get to the end to submit and it’s not allowing me. I’ve tried it 3 different times…please help me thanks in advance

    1. I just did mines for Medgar Evers, go back and do it again. Read everything a little mistake will interrupt. Wish you well. Be easy ok

      1. Mildred, how long is the wait to get inside Medgar Evers and receive the vaccine? Are there long lines?

  7. I have been trying to book an appointment for this site Vaccination but always run on the Road block at the end.I am 72yrs old .With High Blood Pressure.

  8. Yes, Nydia got a phone you can call if so call this number for help. (1)833-697-4829. This number will help u. God Bless

  9. Yes, my name is Jacqueline C Pelote, I was scheduled an appointment for 03/09/21.,with a confirmation number to find out tonite I needed to file out a form of which I wasn’t told about . Now I filed out this firm and it changes an appointment date it took me days to get. I’m 65 with underlyning conditions and double cancer survivor. Someone has to help me get this straight. I gave my confirmation number. Thank you.

  10. I’m 70 years looking to get a vaccine. I have diabetes , obesity and high blood presser. Was planning to travel on March 25. Would it be ok every place I contact it’s booked up. Where can I go.

  11. This is the reason in our neighborhood we give up so easy I been trying to get appointment they showing available when you pick gone then when you pick another always say he same thing it is a shame we have to go through this And then they say we are not taking the vaccine hope I get it some day.

  12. I am entering my dob n the nonsense is telling me it’s wrong.I just want to make an appointment. E

  13. You sit in the virtual queue but there is NOT CLOCK so you don’t know how much more time you have to wait …

  14. I need to cancel my appointment for April 14, 2021 at 10:30
    My names is Edward Badalucca, Can you tell me how to cancel
    This appointment…Thank you Edward Badalucca 718-207-6469

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