Never again, my aunt said. Last year, my uncle, a cautious and observant driver, gave up his driver’s license after a highway accident. Thank God we didnt become a statistic. He returned home safely. That incident made me recognize, more clearly than ever, the risks and responsibilities that come with being in the driving seat.

If theres something more fatal than war, it must be driving.

Overall, there have been more deaths by car than deaths in the Vietnam War. Being on the road is a serious responsibility, but not every driver recognizes the importance of a driver’s education. In order to understand the full implications of becoming a driver, you need to know the answers behind how and why. How do I become a more responsible driver? Why should I become a more responsible driver?

We hear striking statistics all the time, making us almost immune to the real consequences of irresponsible driving. But the deaths are real lives, real deaths that could have been prevented. The most common cause of car accidents is distracted driving. Smartphones, for one, have become ubiquitous sights in the driver’s seat. An incoming text message? It can wait. Put phones on do not disturb mode, and turn off notifications when driving. This is essential.

My uncle, an even-tempered man for the most part, was in such a sullen mood that morning he wasnt able to concentrate on the road. His right hand controlled the steering wheel, his left hand fumbled with his phone, and his mouth spoke to relatives behind him. This is a daily occurrence. While you might not sense danger, the risks amplify with every careless drive. It evolves into a dangerous habit. Once we consciously control this bad habit, driving will become much less stressful.

Drivers need to get educated on the full scope of their responsibility, answering the critical why and how. When drivers understand the importance of concentrated and responsible driving, they will be much less likely to continue any reckless habits. It isnt enough to speak about these statistics, its necessary to process them as truth.  Dont take the risk, because you wont have a second chance. 

Helen Chen, Jr. Editor

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