Diamonds are one of the most popular choices when it comes to engagement rings. This piece of jewelry has become the ultimate symbol of love. As the saying goes, diamonds are a girls best friend. 

Understanding the 4Cs

When buying diamonds, it is vital to know how to do it right. You will be spending an ample amount of money on it. You wouldnt want to buy the wrong one.

The official diamond grading system might be familiar to you. This is known as the Four Cs. As you can see, below are what the Cs stands for:


The cut does not mean the ring shape. It pertains to the diamonds sparkle factor. Moreover, it is graded from a range of excellent to poor. When a diamond is formed or cut into a shape like an oval (for example), it is done within a particular parameter to give it maximum bling. 


Carat is a form of measurement. This determines the weight or size of a diamond. Most of the time, engagement rings are about one carat, which is equivalent to 200 milligrams.


Clarity is measured from a scale of flawless to included. A diamond can also have flaws, which are known as inclusions. This includes specks of blacks or white or even visible lines. Moreover, the lesser the inclusions means, the higher the price.


Diamonds typically come in a spectrum of shades. However, colorless is considered the rarest of them all. Color is ranked from D to Z. D means no color, which also means the most expensive. On the other hand, Z means the diamond is yellowish.

Recently, fancy colored diamonds have gained popularity. This includes yellow, pink, and chocolate. When it comes to these, the most expensive are those with more saturated colors.

Ring Styles You Should Look At

The following are some ring style options you can consider:


The elegant and traditional style of the cathedral setting is the main reason it has become popular for many years. It gained its name due to the form of the shoulders and shank that supports the diamond. The curve-like form of this ring resembles the arches found in a cathedral.

You can choose to pav the ring with diamonds to achieve an extra sparkle, or you can opt to leave it plain. Whatever your style choice is, choosing a cathedral design for a ring would be really sophisticated.


This ring style is the most traditional and classic engagement ring. It is named solitaire due to having just one stone. Most of the time, people choose to put the diamond in a simple band with a claw or prong setting.

If you want something simple, this might be the right choice for you. Also, this ring doesnt go out of style. Hence, you will always love wearing it.


The halo style is one of the most popular ring designs because it shows a beautiful sparkle while letting the center stone shine be a star. This style creates little pav-set diamonds that form as a halo and surround the center stone.

Oval Halo

The oval halo is a great way to maximize the size of your engagement ring. This is because the oval shape is quite elongated. Moreover, oval-cut diamonds look bigger than other stones.


Cluster setting clumps together smaller diamonds to resemble a larger diamond. This is why this design is also called illusion rings. Furthermore, choosing this design is the best way to maximize the rings brilliance and sparkle at the best price without hurting your budget. 

Three-Stone Style

This design is also known as the trilogy style. Selecting this ring is a romantic choice. This is because the three stones usually represent a symbol- you, me, and us or past, present, and future.

The trilogy style is very versatile, depending on the shape, size, and type of stones. Some choose to have a larger center diamond and two little ones on the side. Others prefer three equal sizes of diamonds on their ring. Whatever your preference is, this ring design is absolutely beautiful.

Swirl Engagement Ring

This is a unique ring style. It fuses a bypass shank with a round-cut center stone, which creates a fluid effect. The shanks dont meet. Hence, it will look like the metal is swirling around it.

Etched Engagement Ring

If you want to personalize your ring, etching is a great option. Etching creates a unique and beautiful pattern to the metal. Leaves, swirls, and ropes are some of the most popular etching designs. 

Geometric Engagement Ring

This ring style showcases angular shapes such as triangles and squares. It is all about sharp edges and clean lines, which enhances the brilliance of the stone. Furthermore, the geometric engagement ring style can also accent a diamonds unusual shape or cut, such as a trillion. 


With so many ring styles to choose from, picking one out can be overwhelming. Since it is one of the biggest purchases youll ever make, you should make sure you select the right one. Hence, it is best to know your options. 

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