It can feel like the days where kids played in the street every summer evening are long gone. And one of the biggest reasons for this is that many of today’s neighborhoods lack that close-knit feeling of community that was prevalent just a couple of decades ago.

As a result, there are now more concerns for neighborhood safety and many people do not feel like they know their neighbors well enough to look out for each other. However, a safer neighborhood not only makes a nicer environment for everybody, but it can also save hassle and money, with burglaries costing a lot to recover from. Here are some top ways to create solidarity with your neighbors and make a safer, more pleasant place for everybody to live. 

1. Check Background Records:

If you’ve got a neighbor that you seem a little suspicious of or somebody new has recently moved into the area and things just don’t feel right, you can use Nuwber to check if there is anything shady in their background. You may find nothing and it turns out that your new neighbor is a little shy, but it’s good to be informed. You can easily access public records by searching for a name, showing you if the individual has any criminal records that you’d want to be aware of. 

2. Be Friendly With Neighbors:

Neighborhoods, where residents are friendly and get on with each other, tend to be safer since everybody is looking out for each other and has each other’s back. When you’re friends with your neighbors, you don’t feel so bad about asking them to keep an eye on your house while you go on vacation or to keep an eye out for your kids when they are playing outside. Offer to help your neighbors with any favors that they might need, whether it’s simple acts of kindness like borrowing a tool or some ingredients for a meal, or looking after pets. 

3. Install Security Lights:

A well-lit neighborhood is often a safer neighborhood because there are fewer places for criminals to seek cover. Installing security lights around the back and sides of your garden might encourage your neighbors to do the same, and you can talk to your neighbors about your plans and offer to help them put their lights up if needed. Motion sensor lights are an ideal option for security as they can often take thieves by surprise and will alert you to somebody’s presence outside the house. 

4. Close Your Windows and Blinds:

Keeping windows covered as much as possible makes it harder for anybody scouting out the area to see what you’ve got inside, and will help you avoid your home becoming a target for theft. While it’s nice to be able to let the natural light in during the day, consider solutions that allow you to continue doing this while restricting the view from the outside like thin Roman blinds or window film. 

5. Install a Security System:

A home security system is one of the best ways to prevent crime in your neighborhood. Every home in the neighborhood should have a burglar alarm as standard and you may want to consider investing in a system with CCTV cameras that cover both yours and your immediate neighbors’ homes for added security and peace of mind.


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