Do you make music? Are you an artist with a Spotify account? Are you looking to grow your exposure to something much bigger than it currently is? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you are probably one of the many artists trying to get recognition on the Spotify platform. 

However, just letting the account sit there, isnt going to do anything. Instead, you need to be proactive about reaching out and influencing how Spotify shows your music around. For tips and tricks, use the following advice to increase your Spotify metrics.

Is Spotify a Big Deal?

Yes, for musicians, Spotify is a big deal, a real big deal. Spotify is a Swedish music streaming service that was founded in 2006. That means it is 14 years old. Over those 14 years, it has become the top choice overall for the best music streaming service by major reviewers over Tidal, Apple Music, and Pandora. Lets look at some Spotify numbers to get a better picture of what is going on.

  • In 2019 Spotifys annual revenue was 6.76bn EUR.
  • Spotifys monthly active users in North America 4Q 2018 was 52 million.
  • Spotifys monthly active users worldwide Q3 2020 was 320 million.
  • Spotifys number of premium subscribers worldwide Q3 2020 was 144 million.

These arent insignificant numbers. On the contrary, Spotify is one of the most commonly used apps on the market for listening to music and listening to podcasts. If you are looking to get exposure and earn money off of your music, you cant avoid Spotify. It is the platform for the current and future generation of music listeners. If you can master Spotify, then you have a better chance of mastering your niche and your musical goals.

How do You Grow Your Spotify Following?

That is the 10-million-dollar question. Followers are key to letting Spotify know that you are popular and that it should start sharing your music around more often. Instead of letting it sit with few updates and shares, you need to proactively promote your brand, band, music, and profile. This is done in a few ways. Take a look at this list for some helpful hints.

Make Good Music

This isnt something that people will pay you to stop doing or a charity case. This is an exchange of goods. You make music and your fans pay you for that music. There is the middle entity Spotify that makes it all happen, however, it is generally an equal transaction. The more people want your music, the more they will listen and the more money you will make. 

Focus on the music quality and you will see returning listeners and followers. If you focus on your look you will see people trending elsewhere for their audio fixations.

Advertise on Other Platforms

Spotify is a terrible platform to advertise. You cant even do it. So, you need to start using other platforms as well. This includes Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, Reddit, TikTok, and anything else that comes along to replace these platforms. Being on the cutting edge of marketing is key to getting your brand in-front of as many of your target audience as possible.

Buy Followers to Boost Exposure

However, marketing images is only part of the game. You need added boosts directly to your Spotify account to show that your numbers are real. This means that you will need monthly boosts and instant boosts to show Spotify and potential audience members that you are serious about your art. This means you will want to buy Spotify plays

Buying Spotify plays and followers is easy, cheap, effective, and truly works when you need to boost the exposure of songs and albums. All you need to do is to set up an account and start selecting what types of services you are looking for. The easiest service is Spotify plays. 

Conclusion: Do What It Takes

You may think it is odd to buy plays and followers on Spotify. However, it isnt uncommon, and it is necessary to play the game. All marketing is paid promotion. This is a type of marketing. Your listening numbers are a type of marketing that you can use to advertise your popularity. It shows Spotify that you need to be shown more often and more regularly to the world.

Once Spotify notices that your numbers are increasing, they will understand that you mean business. So, do what it takes to play in a very large fish tank. If you do nothing, your competitors will out buy and outspend you on marketing. Dont let this happen. 

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