Same Old Crisis: In Bushwick, Hunger and Joblessness Hold Steady in a Bad Place

It is called “to go on a pilgrimage.” The expression is well known to Spanish speakers as well as some English speakers who are now using it to describe the way people in search of food go from one food pantry to another.

Teresa, for example, knows that on Saturdays she has to go to two places: in one she gets vegetables like cauliflower, cucumbers, tomatoes, and at the other, she gets whatever they are giving away. She follows a strict schedule: On Mondays, she gets up early to go get breakfast for her 12-year-old son on Wilson Avenue.

From local pols to community leaders, volunteers to residents, no one believes things are getting much better in the neighborhood now , months into the pandemic. Make the Road New YorkInside the pantry in Bushwick operated by Make the Road New York. It is called “to go on a […]

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