At a time when cities across the country are talking about shrinking police budgets and reimagining the role of law enforcement, what do people living in a neighborhood with one of New York City’s highest homicide rates actually want?

Many outsiders only know Brownsville, Brooklyn, as a dangerous place. It has long suffered the brunt of racist city policies, was one of the neighborhoods most beleaguered by the unconstitutional practice of stop and frisk and has some of the city’s highest incarceration rates. A report in May found its residents were heavily targeted by the NYPD for breaking social distancing rules.

(Photo illustration by Kat Wawrykow. Photo by Getty Images.) Although there’s a diversity of views about law enforcement in Brownsville, Brooklyn, there’s widespread agreement that the community is still fighting to obtain all the resources it needs to thrive and police itself.

At a time when cities across the […]

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