By Anika Ahmed

Has anyone ever incorrectly accused you of doing something wrong, like misplacing the car keys or cheating on your math homework?

Now imagine being accused of something much more serious, like the murder of your ex-girlfriend. This is the case involving Adnan Syed in the murder of Hae Min Lee, a Baltimore High School student, on January 13, 1999. A month later, her body was discovered in a park, dug in a grave. Her ex-boyfriend, Adnan Syed, was convicted for her murder, though he has always proclaimed his innocence.

Adnan received the model minority treatment as he was an honor roll student and a volunteer EMT. He was on the football team. He was a star runner on the track team, was the homecoming king, and led prayers at the mosque. Everybody knew Adnan to be somebody who was going to do something really big. Could you believe or even fathom a charming, handsome and popular high school boy with so much potential, killing his ex-girlfriend?

Adnan is the subject of Sarah Koenig’s internationally famous podcast series, Serial, where she describes Adnan as a kid. Not a man, not as an adult. That’s because, at the age of 17, Adnan was a kid, legally and fundamentally. That kid was sentenced to life imprisonment. At the age of 17, Adnan was charged with an adult crime, tried in an adult court, and given an adult life sentence. Adnan Syed is innocent under the circumstances that he was found guilty based on reasonable doubt, had been exploited by his defense lawyer and was provided with ineffective counseling by Christina Gutierrez.

The case against Adnan was largely based on the story of one witness, Adnan’s friend Jay, who by himself was not a credible informant. Jay’s testimony is saturated with inconsistencies and falsified information. Jay is a remarkable liar. He lies about little, inconsequential things. He lies about substantial, critical things. What’s more, he lies about why he lies. And then he lies about why he lied about lying. He lies for attention, and he lies to divert attention. He lies, and then he lies some more. Jay’s side of the story changed each time he was interviewed. First, he stated that Adnan showed him Hae’s body in the trunk of her car at the “strip” off Edmondson Avenue. Then he changed his story to Adnan presenting Hae’s body at the Best Buy parking lot after Adnan called him from a payphone in the parking lot. In the episode “Route Talk,” it was confirmed that there was never a payphone on Best Buy’s property: “the Best Buy employees… dug up a photo of the store, from 2001, no phone booth or payphone, though lots of public phones did come down between ‘99 and 2001. They looked up the blueprints of when the store was built in 1995, nothing. The manager also said there is no record of a service agreement between Best Buy and any payphone company at that store,” (Syed, Route Talk: Serial, 2014, 8:23).

Koenig and her producer began to look into all of the possible payphone records and ultimately didn’t find any match. It is hard to believe that Adnan could strangle Hae in three minutes and run to a payphone that was never there.

The prosecutors who found Adnan guilty perceived him as “having a dual personality”. When informed about this, Adnan’s response was “People come in expecting a monster and they don’t find that. Well, next they come expecting a victim. And when they don’t find that either they don’t know what to think. The reality of it is that I’m just a normal person,” (Rumors: Serial, 2014, 34:48).

Adnan behaved one way to live up to his family’s religious expectations, and another way to meet the desires in his personal life. I believe that it is normal for you to have multiple masks that represent your different identities because one’s self cannot be fully represented by just one mask.

When you are around certain people, such as family, then it is expected of you to act the way they want you to, which is exactly what Adnan did. When you are with friends, you can let loose and be a little more relaxed, because you don’t have to worry about being punished for the language you use or the way you are behaving. His intentions were to appeal to the people around him wherever he went.

I believe that Adnan is innocent despite many unresolved issues throughout the case. The whole case isn’t just about the murder of an eighteen-year-old Woodlawn student. However, it also touches on the major issues of our society as culture and racism and how those elements are threatened by our justice system. T

he endemic racism is plaguing the criminal justice system. Adnan is American but the prosecution repeatedly calls him Pakistani. They used his Pakistani ethnicity to justify that he was possessive over women. When Hae left him, it not only hurt his pride, but it also left him feeling betrayed. The prosecutors painted a picture of Adnan as jealous and possessive. Adnan claims that his relationship with Hae was a “high school love, where he was upset when they had broken up, but he was never obsessed,” (Koenig, The Breakup: Serial, 2014, 18:15).

Not to mention, Adnan’s religion and ethnicity were used against him 270 times in court. The prosecution argued that “there was a pattern in the United States of American where young Pakistani males have been jilter, have committed murder and fled to Pakistan and we have been unable to extradite them back,” (United States Circuit Court).

They were scared to release Adnan on bail because they thought he would escape to Pakistan, allegedly with the help of his shady uncle who knows how to “make people disappear”. Law enforcement does not have enough to go forward, but they do anyway. There is not enough evidence to put Adnan away.

Adnan Syed was wrongfully convicted for the murder of Hae Min Lee because of the lack of evidence beyond reasonable doubt, the manipulation by Cristina Gutierrez, and a failure to pursue information that could have acquitted Adnan or diminished his punishment. He should be both exonerated and be provided with compensation for half of his life that he spent in jail. Adnan was wrongfully convicted for the murder of Hae Min Lee because the standard evidence required to validate a criminal conviction must exceed a reasonable doubt. The Fifth and Fourteenth Amendment state to “[protect] the accused against conviction except upon proof beyond a reasonable doubt of every fact necessary to constitute the crime with which he is charged.” By convicting Adnan of Hae Min Lee’s murder based on the little evidence they have, the prosecutors, judge, and jury have acted against the Fifth and Fourteenth Amendment.

This trial has made me realize that criminal justice is never truly about justice. It’s about how you can manipulate the audience with your storytelling skills.

Justice was never served.

Submitted by Anika Ahmed. Edited for formatting and structural purposes.


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  1. This blog is absolutely riddled with misinformation. I invite anyone interested in learning more about this case to do their own research.

    I am sympathetic to the author though. After listening to Serial, I held many of the same opinions as her. But, after further research, it’s easy to see that Serial was spun for entertainment purposes and that Adnan Syed is in fact guilty. And guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. Please don’t take other people’s opinions as fact, and do your own research and I am confident you’ll reach the same conclusion.

    1. Do you have any quick examples of how he was guilty beyond a reasonable doubt? I’ve done research and am no less confused than when I listened to the podcast.

      1. The big one would probably, IMO, be that he told Krista Hae was giving him a ride, he told the police, initially, Hae was going to give him a ride, and then later, when his alibi didn’t pan out (Jay) he backtracked and said she was never going to give him a ride….That is huge…..I am still shocked people dismiss this fact.

        1. Didn’t Krista herself later say that maybe she was confused about what day Adnan said Hae was going to give him a ride? Also if you are taking Krista’s statement as 100% foolproof why not Alicia’s? Alicia said she saw him at the library. I think that weights more than being told Hae was gonna give him a ride, plans change. He might have wanted to get a ride with Hae but then the plan changed and he doesn’t really remember the day so well. On the other hand, Alicia says she spoke with him at the library and said to be certain that it was that day, unlike Krista who later said she wasn’t sure.

          1. That’s a good point. Also, if you drove to school and ended up without a car and the ride plans changed, the library is where I would go to figure out another arrangement or to kill time till practice or whatever. So that adds up to me.

        2. I didn’t dismiss it. My thing is that a detail like that is simply not enough. Jay changed his story multiple times and it seems like he was being coached to some extent by the authorities in his official interview. Which needed more takes than a television show, btw. But how can you say there is no doubt when they have DNA and didn’t test it. Why wouldn’t they test it. What about the note from the cell phone tower report saying that the information that serves as the foundation of their case, is not reliable at that time on incoming calls?

    2. why would jay need to lie about so many things then, make statements, and then retracts them as soon as it doesn’t make Adnan look very guilty. He lied about Adnan standing at a payphone outside the BestBuy (at the parking lot). There was a payphone, but it was inside the town’s BestBuy, you would know this if you looked at the blueprints of the BestBuy, and compare it to what Jay drew as the BestBuy blueprint for the payphone’s where abouts

    3. I am listening to the podcast in one of my classes in my High school. I agree with though. I don’t think that Adnan would kill someone I personally don’t know him well enough.

    4. I’m trying to believe that he’s innocent but I also think this article was heavily subjective and misleading

      1. It’s good that you recognize that facts are being spun in a direction that is favorable to the author. So disregard the spin. Don’t try to believe one way or the other. Let the un-spun facts stand alone and ask yourself if you’re convinced that he did it with no doubt. It may not be enough facts yet. Maybe we will never have enough facts, but if there aren’t enough facts to prove with no doubt, then he shouldn’t be convicted and serving time. They should have to prove it. If they are so sure he did it they should be able to bring more to the trial then they did. Cell phone tower evidence with a note that all the incoming calls don’t give reliable information and it was disregarded by the police and hidden from the original trial. What is their case without that?

    5. Even if it was spun for entertainment, there is no way you can say that it was proven beyond any reasonable doubt in the trial they had. Where is the evidence? If you did research and have some that I don’t know of, could you share some of it? Or, at least, point me in the right direction to research it myself?

  2. Ok, so no one should ever have an opinion about this case without listening to all episodes of Undisclosed, the podcast put together by Adnan Syed’s lawyers. I liked Serial until I listened to Undisclosed and saw how much information was missing in it. Sarah Koenig did a huge disservice by leading everyone to believe that it was unclear whether he did it or not. The information is all there if she had dug it up. I was blown away by how many different ways they were able to show he was clearly innocent. Too much to write here in a comment. Listen to it yourselves and you will see what an injustice was done.

    1. I believe he is innocent. For many reasons. Forget the way the podcast was spun. There is still information in it that you can take in any direction you want. Like Adnan himself. He doesn’t try to fill gaps in on information he doesn’t know.

  3. Who ever wrte this did a poor job. Blaming racism and discrimination for a factor for the investigation is very odd considered the defence used Adnans religious background to claim he would not have done such cruel a thing as murder when he was going to perform at the mosque.

    The documentray is largely coloured with misinformation that pays perfect in the adventage of creating doubt and appeal to especially the Aisan, Muslim minority by including strong emotions that in the end manipulated people into taking Adnan’s side.

    Ironically, these people seem okay with portraying Jay as a bad weed smoking drug using young black man that for some reason is not trustworthy. It is really frustrating that these justice warriors do not take anyone elses feelings into an account when they should matter.

    The truth about Jays changing testomonies are largely manipulated for the advantage of Adnan. Firstly, Adnan stopped calling Hae’s house the moment he was supposed to have killed her. He eventually stopped counting of Jay as an alibi and instead tried to phone call others to get an alibi for the day Hae went missing. These facts were confirmed during conversations and interviews with people close of Adnan who told that he had been asking if they remember being with him on this and this day… His teacher even confessed Adnan telling the teacher not to mention anything about Adnan being in class to the police who were searching the school and talking to people looking for Hae. He claimed it was because he didnt wanted his parrents finding out about his dating life, but in reality, why would he do so when the school already knew they were dating? And why not help the police to find your ex grilfriend who he claimed to care about. Even though he at this time would have been close involved with her, and during this timeline should have been in her car, aka last person to see her alive. This does not add up!
    Plus Adnan was NOT okay with Hae being broken up with him, and he was actually (according to calss mates of Hae) trying to get her back, since they had broken up many times and always found back together. He did not know that she was actually seeing someone else whom she was beginning to like. The news of this is probably what would have started the frustation, aka. murder in a fury of rage.

    This leads us to further investigate the claims of Jay’s changing explanation. Jay did not lie about saying the murder was planned out for a long time. In fact, this wasjust the prosecutors trying to get to highest sentence for Adnan, just as the defense tried to get the lowest sentence. This is just and order. The prossecutors claim for a planned manslaugther was that Adnan had written death threats on an old love note form Hae. It was also based on that Jay in an interview said that Adnan had threathened to kill Hae, “I’m gonna kill that bitch” – most likely it sounded as an empty threat to Jay at that time.
    The situation involving the payphone and different testimonies about where Jay was shown the body of Hae, actually doen’t matte. The documentary (very sneacky) puts a contrast of the place that Jay was shown the body to be either at Edmondson Avenue or Best buy parking lot.

    First of all, Jay never changed his testimony. The testimony and questions asked did not focus on where he was shown the body, but when and what happened. Jay most likely meant that he was near the Edmondson Avenue (a huge avenue BTW) and then went to see the body in the back of the car at the Best Buy parking lot. To clearify, why this does not matter: 1) Nobody claimed there was a payphone there. This was just assumed.
    2) Jay never said that Adnan called him from the Parking lot at Best buy. How should he have known?
    3) It is very likely that Jay was called by Adnan from somewhere else and then just met up at the Best Buy parking lot.

    This has nothing to do what so ever, with Jay changing his claims or that is lying! Further evidense is these test the police do when they want to make sure a vitness isn’t lying. To do so they would have Jay desribe something only he or Adnan would have known when they burried Hae. This method is a standard method for investigations, as many people do fake convictions. Police valued that Jay was indeed telling the truth since he did know inside stuff the pobluc did not, and thereby it made Jay himself a suspect among with Adnan.

    Adnan even busts himself in an later interview saying “the only one who knows what really happened is me”… then quickly jumps into “and for whats its worth, whoever actually killed her”.
    This is a typically mistake in the mind of a suspect guilty of something, because he do actually know something that he claims he does not. He accidentally showed off something he shouldnt have said, but then quickly tries to avoid it. A person who lost a ex grilfriend to a killer, would instead have chosen clear words with less information, that he of cause did not know anything about Hae, that he hopes whoever did it comes forth and so on. There has never been any indications from Adnan’s side for him to support the investigation of finding “the real killer” even though this would set him free. Instead he just attacks the prosecutions put against him and claiming he does not know anyhting on what he did the exact day.

    It is interesting that a documentary can be so wrong and manipulatively on so many things and get away with it. Nobody seem to look things through as they are. The women introducing herself as Adnans “new” lawyer and advodacte for Adnan, is a childhood friend of his, who is deeply involved in the emotional state of his family. This makes her an untrustworthy source who could easily been manipulated to ignore fats or press her on invalid argeuments that feed her own interest to this case. It is very scary that a huge show like Serial did not do a better job of keeping this neutral, especially since most viweres are not gonna look into these facts.

    In the end, Adnans fingerprint were all over Hae’s car (THE ONLY OTHER FINGERPRINTS THAN HERS). Fingerprints on a map, a map with missing a page that included the park where Hae was found dead. His fingerprints where in the back of trunk of the car (indicating he had moved something out of it). Hae’s blood where found in en thrunk too, her blood was found of a ‘towel’ that also had fingerprints from Adnan. Adnans advocates uses the most stupid arguement that he randomly had toucj the map and then someone else must have taken the page, becaue all the kids already knew where the park was. This is so invalid since the most likely event is that Adnan was looking for a good spot to hide the body in the park and not the way on how to the park. They defense even states that the page also showed where the gang lived, and kept the page somewhere else for fun – but this in contrast to the defense own statement, if nobody local would need
    map to the park then why would any local need a map of neighbourhood they lived in?

    These things + the stop of phone calls from Adnan to Hae, + the change in alibi + Adnan asking teachers to not mention him to police + Adnan telling a vitness at school, after Hae went missing, that they were getting back together even though this did was not the truth, cannot be ignored… Also Hae’s family have never been more sure that Adnan was guilty, and they probably know stuff about Hae and Adnan that was never shown to the public.

    There is absolutely no reason to believe that Adnan is innocent. I guy that lost his ex-girlfriend (or claimed girlfriend) would not have been in doubt on where he was the day she went missing. He would have grieved for her or at least try to react her. Adnan did none of these. He is guilty or at least involved.

  4. I believe Adnan Syed is guilty of murdering Hae Min Lee. Here are my offbeat reasons why (in no particular order): First of all, if Adnan is this supposed model Honor Roll Student / good guy, Homecoming King, c’mon, man, wouldn’t it be kinda difficult to pinpoint him as Hae’s murderer–especially without something / anything at all solid to exonerate him, easily; if he didn’t kill her? Like, how is it that this supposed model Honor Roll Student goes to jail for Hae’s murder, yet, Mr. S, the local janitor who stumbles upon Hae’s body in Linkin Park and / or Jay, the local weed-selling, non-Honor Roll student are both not in jail–or set up even by corrupted / crooked Baltimore cops who just want to jail anybody for this crime; who would be the wiser? Whom do you know, or that you’ve ever heard of could possibly be as unlucky as Adnan–that somehow Adnan, an supposed Honor Roll student / good guy can’t have anything solid remotely accidentally exonerate him from being jailed from this crime? Heck, cops could’ve just said this tragedy is unsolvable and not arrested or pointed the finger at Adnan, so, why did they? Because Adnan’s been in jail since the early 2000s–he shouldn’t be there if anything in this world, even accidentally could possibly rule him out of this tragedy, no? How is it that Adnan can get legal counsel from someone noted as one of the best lawyers in Baltimore (Cynthia G.), he also gets a popular podcast for him by Serial that caught the attention of millions of people and on top of that, Adnan even gets a special on HBO about this tragedy–yet Adnan, this supposed Honor Roll student / good guy who should be easy to exonerate is and still remains in jail? Who is that unlucky? Don’t forget: he was also a minor in 1999–he was a 17-year old when he was accused of murdering Hae. What cop do you know would roll the dice on pinning a brutal murder on a seemingly random Honor Roll / Homecoming King / 17-year old minor when it could come back to haunt them badly especially in lawsuits? Wouldn’t it be easier for cops to just to find any random homeless person of no fixed address and set that person up for this crime rather than pinning it on a popular good guy / Honor Roll student or saying this crime is unsolvable? Especially when any unforeseen thing could get Adnan off (if he didn’t do it) proving he’s not the killer– again, especially if he truly didn’t do it, like for example he happened to have a sudden appendicitis surgery that whole time? Actually, why aren’t you, your mom, or I in jail for killing Hae? If it’s so easy to pin Hae’s murder on an innocent person, as some believe? What about all the other offbeat factors of Hae’s murder? For example, her car. If she’s murdered by some random anonymous local killer, why did that killer not do more damage inside and outside to her car? It appears pretty intact, undamaged almost as if she parked it there, herself. How come any anonymous local random killer didn’t steal anything from her purse, nor remove her purse from her car; apparently leaving it in the car’s backseat or trunk? Interesting how she’s murdered and left in a shallow grave, not robbed, not even carjacked per se. Interesting how this killer didn’t continue to use her car to commit other crimes. If Hae’s new boyfriend, Don murdered her, doesn’t Don need a second person to help him to dispose of her Nissan car after killing her? And how does Don get back to wherever he lives, after the murder, if Don is alone and kills her by himself–does he take public transportation to return home after murdering her? Don’s also going to need help burying her body, too, no? I cannot understand why folks think Jay killed Hae, when Jay and his friend Jen are both a year older than Hae. They both graduated from high school and no longer attended Woodlawn High. An entire summer and new fall semester had gone by since Jay and Jen graduated from high school. Why would Jay kill Hae who is still attending high school? What could’ve transpired between Jay and Hae during Fall 1998 to make Jay kill Hae two weeks into 1999? Wouldn’t he be too busy with his local life post- high school graduation? Yes, it’s true, Jay is still in a relationship with his girlfriend Stephanie who was still attending Woodlawn High. And Jay is found with Adnan who is still attending Woodlawn. But what could Jay possibly gain, after graduating high school to kill a fellow student a year younger than him? Wouldn’t Jay know that Hae was Adnan’s former girlfriend; why would Jay kill her, without Adnan suspecting or knowing a single thing? Adnan actually called Hae the night before she died, so he wasn’t out of the loop with contacting her–how could Jay just suddenly kill her without Adnan figuring it out easily? Adnan had been inside and driven Hae’s car before. Adnan should’ve been able to help police when they relocated Hae’s car after her murder and should’ve been quickly able to give information on how Jay could’ve possibly murdered Hae and used her car–maybe he put her driver’s seat in a particular position that wouldn’t suit Hae, etc. Jay didn’t have a car at that time–why doesn’t he continue to use Hae’s car after killing her? Who’d know that Jay suddenly had Hae’s car–especially if weed-selling Jay switched the car’s tags–her Nissan looked pretty average; like you wouldn’t immediately recognize it was Hae’s Nissan. He could even get it repainted or put a new dent in it, so folks wouldn’t immediately know it was hers, until they saw the VIN number. There were a lot of Nissans like hers in 1999 on the road; I remember thinking of buying one myself, since I saw so many. So, it falls back to Adnan. Adnan has a partner to help him bury the body: Jay, if Adnan kills Hae. Adnan has his own car, so he could just dump Hae’s car wherever he killed her and get a ride, then move on. Adnan wouldn’t need to rob Hae or take money out of her purse. I’ve seen someone mention, maybe Hae’s brother killed her; since it’s been said that an “Asian caller” called police–on the tip line. Again, if Hae’s brother killed Hae, how would he possibly know he could successfully pin the murder on Adnan and that it would stick–so successfully Adnan would be in jail for the next 20 years, that no random, accidental, anecdote could clear Adnan. Like, Stephanie is a classmate of Hae. Wouldn’t anyone be able to accuse Stephanie of killing Hae and cops could be able to find enough bogus flippant evidence to lock her up–how come this hasn’t happened, why pin it on Adnan? Why pick the Honor Roll / Homecoming king? Unless he really did it, right. Who’s that unlucky? How could Adnan stay in jail these 20 years and simply shrug like “I dunno how I ended up here.” Wouldn’t the average innocent person be screaming at the top of their lungs daily that they were wrongly accused and jailed for a crime they didn’t commit? And folks who believe that Adnan isn’t guilty, I feel also may not be looking at this tragedy in 3-D. I feel like folks who support Adnan act as if Adnan was arrested overnight and has been in jail ever since, period. I’ll repeat it again, he was a supposed Honor Roll student, named Homecoming King: nobody hemmed him up and made him stay in jail for 20 years, overnight, but himself. Adnan didn’t even speak at his own trial; I don’t care what the reasons are, if he didn’t do this crime, again, how unlucky is he? C’mon, let’s be honest and serious, here: it is absolutely ridiculous when I hear Adnan or his supporters say, “Adnan was advised by legal counsel not to speak his own defense at his own trial–because that could make things worse for him.” HOW COULD THINGS GET ANY WORSE? Isn’t this the worst-case scenario? No? Adnan was a 17-year-old minor, Homecoming King, Honor Roll student, accused of killing his fellow classmate–by a story told by a weed-selling, so-called local liar former classmate which could land Adnan in jail as an adult for many decades. Who wouldn’t roll the dice and speak up at their own trial? Their own trial!! It’s like folks are looking at this thing in a paper-thin way. Like at any time, Adnan should’ve known how friggin’ serious this was, yet he doesn’t speak up at his own trial, I don’t give a flying fudge any silly reasons why he didn’t speak. Please, folks, please, it’s not like his trial was only one-day long. How many days did he sit in that courtroom and during that whole time, he’s not itching to speak up for himself? Really folks. He sits there through Jay’s testimony, heck, Jay speaks, and Adnan doesn’t? The Honor Roll, Homecoming King doesn’t speak at his own trial. Wow. I’m scratching my head how do folks continue to support Adnan. I giggle when Adnan is interviewed in jail and acts like “…man, I wish I could just tell my side of the story…” Dude! You’ve had since Day 1 to exonerate yourself. Should’ve been a walk in the park for someone of your stature, Adnan. Many murder cases go unsolved where they don’t pin it on the 17-year old minor, local, Honor Roll / Homecoming King, they’d rather let it go unsolved. Yo, and I’m so tired of folks repeating that “Jay is a liar”. Stop it. Let that go. Personally, I trust Jay. Look at it this way: Jay had graduated from Woodlawn a year earlier, but was still in a relationship with Stephanie, who was still attending Woodlawn as a beautiful classmate a year younger. That’s not easy to maintain a relationship like that. Yet Adnan is in a short-lived relationship with Hae who immediately moves on to someone else. Difference here is: Jay didn’t have a car, nor a career after high school. Yet he still is dating Stephanie. Adnan and Hae are both in school, she breaks up with him while he has a car (she does too). So, folks can claim Jay’s “a liar” all they want; I’ll roll with Jay–the guy who can keep a pretty girlfriend despite being a year older and without a car. I’m not gonna immediately roll with the Homecoming King with a car who gets dumped by his girlfriend where she immediately moves on. And really, folks are crazy biased if you enjoy calling Jay “a liar” yet is blind to how much a liar Adnan happens to be: a guy who claims to be from a strict household yet he smokes weed, has sex before marriage, skips classes, lies to police as well. How much lying does Adnan have to do to his own family to avoid them knowing he’s smoking weed and having sex? And what about Adnan’s older brother who mysteriously leaves the family for over a dozen years after the murder–does his older brother ever check-in on his mother and father? Why does his older brother just abruptly leaves the family after the murder and doesn’t contact the family during all those years? How does a family member, the oldest son at that time, abandon his family at such a crucial point and make them suffer alone without him, if Adnan is such an innocent person of this crime? C’mon, man.

    1. There is a lot to cover in that post, but I want to answer one question you pose about whether it would be easier for the cops to pull a random homeless person in. The answer is no, it wouldn’t at all. They have barley a case with Adnan, but if you’re going to indict a random stranger for this, you would be essentially doing so without any motive to point to, so you would need to have physical evidence or some other corroborating evidence. Like a witness. There is a possible motive with Adnan. But they didn’t prove his guilt beyond a shadow of a doubt in court. Far from it. Jay is all they had. Maybe Jay did it and when the police were questioning him initially, they let him know they were interested in Adnan from the start. Maybe he had the information they needed because he was involved (like the manor of death, car location….etc) and they cut a deal right there. Jay could’ve simply lied about Adnan’s part in it. Go back and revisit Jay’s story. It doesn’t make a lot of sense. “He was digging around in the trunk (where the body was) shuffling stuff around and grabing items. But zero Physical evidence? Really? Nothing? Not a hair or spittle of saliva? Come on? That is doubt.

    2. I gotta point out, the logic behind your first reason removes the principle of innocent until proven guilty and it puts the burden of proof on the one being tried. Directly counter to a cornerstone piece of our legal system and a critical element to our rights to liberty as American citizens. Why does Adnan have to prove he’s innocent prior to the police proving, without reasonable doubt, that he is, in fact, guilty?

  5. Lemme add this too: Hae Min Lee’s family was Korean. So, offhand, the average person in law enforcement to come across Hae’s tragic case in Baltimore would probably assume that her mysterious killer would be either an Asian person (first) since she’s Asian. Then, if Asian is ruled out as a suspect, either a Black or a White killer are the second choices as most likely suspects. If neither Asian, Black or White, then the next guess is that her killer is Hispanic. I imagine the top 3 / majority of jailed folks in Baltimore are either mostly: White, Black and / or Hispanic. So, who would’ve offhand guessed or predicted that her killer would be of Pakistani decent? Pakistani! And that he’s not even legally an adult? So, to me, I’d imagine law enforcement would look at anything to exonerate Adnan once they suspected him; because it’s not immediately expected that a Pakistani minor, who is Muslim, a Homecoming King, and Honor Roll student would murder a fellow Korean classmate who is legally an adult. Who saw that coming? So, the way I see it, if law enforcement points the finger at Adnan, when it’s totally unexpected as a suspect, gosh, it might probably be him; the answer is so unexpected. Otherwise law enforcement could point a finger at Bigfoot. Is that not less expected? She was found buried in a wooded park. Whose to say it wasn’t Bigfoot?

    Another thing: how unlucky is Adnan? He himself admits that he’s the only person he knew of in his circle of friends and peers who had a cell phone in mid-January 1999. This fact alone should’ve exonerated him from the crime. Funny how this fact helped directly incriminate him! How unlucky is that? If you don’t understand where I’m coming from, let’s reverse things: Say, it’s September 2020, current times and let’s say Adnan just committed the murder yesterday during mid-September 2020, but instead of him having a cell phone as most of us do now, Adnan is the only person with a pager–in 2020. Everyone else, Jay, Jen, Mr. S, Stephanie, Don all have cell phones in 2020–only Adnan has a pager / beeper. So, one would expect that the lone dude with a pager, with a beeper in 2020, is most likely not the killer. Right? Having a beeper in 2020, you gotta find a phone somewhere to make your phone calls since you don’t have a cell. Which makes you a stationary person more or less when making that phone call, you can’t be as mobile as you would if you had a cell phone; unless he borrowed a cell. Anyway, his actions and whereabouts could be traced with a pager, no? You can see a list of who called him. Trace those numbers, and see when Adnan called back and from which number be it a pay phone somewhere or a landline phone in a house or library and then trace his steps. Exonerate him. So, it’s crazy unlucky that Adnan who had a cell phone in 1999 despite none of his immediate peers having one, Jay, didn’t have a cell, Jen didn’t have a cell, Hae didn’t have a cell, Don didn’t have a cell, Mr. S didn’t have a cell, crazy how Adnan has a cell which could hopefully exonerate him, yet he’s pinpointed as the murderer! How does that happen? Like, he could’ve been on a 2-hour long distance cell phone call to his grandmother all that time during the murder. Or he could’ve been at the store where he could get his cell phone fixed or upgraded all that afternoon. Somehow, having that extra device, a cell phone in 1999 while everyone else had pagers, somehow, that should’ve / could’ve exonerated him from this crime. Yet, it actually pins him to the crime through tower pings (be them faulty or not) and through phone calls to Jen and Nisha. Like, let’s say Adnan didn’t do this crime of killing Hae, had nothing to do with it. Simple blind luck would’ve helped him out, especially since he’s the only one with a cell phone, simple blind luck should’ve ruled him out via his cell phone. Like maybe all that day, his cell phone didn’t work. Or, that’s the wrong cell number that’s attached to him, he spent all day at a local store changing his cell number. Especially since he just got his phone activated the day before Hae goes missing. Something. Anything. Crazy that his cell phone attaches him to the crime. Like, can folks understand that? How is it, a person gets an electronic device that noone else in his circle has yet, a crime occurs, and you’d think that one person with the electronic device would be the first to be exonerated–since that device makes him special, it was easy to rule him out? Like, look at it this way: let’s say Adnan was the only person with a flying car. Everyone else in the story has normal cars. Hae has her normal Nissan that drives on the road–and it cannot fly. But Adnan’s car can fly. So, offhand, you’d say, well, most likely Adnan didn’t commit this crime, he has a flying car, so he’s probably flying it somewhere, why would he need Hae to drive him anywhere, he can fly! Then experts say, they followed the flight pattern of his car that day from a computer monitoring his moves in his motor and found that it pinged towards a flight pattern near where Hae’s car was found and where Hae was ultimately buried, they found light residue consistent with flying car ash. You’d be like, “Damn! You’d think having a flying car would rule him out; that’d he be flying somewhere in Essex or Aberdeen on a nice evening, that someone saw his flying car not here in Woodlawn right around where Hae’s body is found.” See what I’m saying? How unlucky is that? Do you see what I’m saying? How can Adnan boo-hoo that he was accused of this crime, like dude, you have an electronic device that was unique to have around your peers–a cell phone–and instead of that thing immediately ruling you out of this crime, this device puts you front and center of this crime! Nevermind the faulty pings from cell towers that placed him anywhere. Just the fact that he had phone calls around the time when action around her murder could take place. Like, Jay had Adnan’s phone at one point that day. What if the time she would’ve been murdered, Adnan had his phone with him and was on it for a full hour on a phone interview for a job internship? The employer could be like, it was definitely Adnan, we talked for an hour, he never sounded rushed or anything. There you go: Exonerated.

    As for Adnan’s older brother. He abandons his family, I read for maybe near 15 years. At least 10-12 years after the murder then Adnan’s older brother returned. Thought I read somewhere that his older brother was just starting with a young family and wanted to get away from all that as it happened. I dunno. How do you abandon your family at a crucial time like that–for years!

    Like how come nobody mentions about that. Or that Adnan got married briefly while in jail. And it didn’t work out. So when he seems like he’s boo-hooing about his life, dude, there are plenty of single folks out here; how is it Adnan found a way to get married? Oh, so Adnan can get married in jail, yet he can’t beat a murder charge as a Homecoming King / Honor Roll student? Everybody calls Jay a “liar” so it should be crazy easy to beat a murder charge, yet Adnan can’t? Yet he can get married in jail.

  6. I’ll continue:

    How come Adnan supporters don’t ever find it odd that he doesn’t call Hae once, after she disappears? Some may point out that: well, they were no longer a romantic couple, her current boyfriend, Don didn’t call her either, and her friends all assumed she would turn up and/or thought she was was out of town temporarily, perhaps in California as Hae possibly mentioned. But, hold up: Adnan literally has a cell phone on him, now. And he doesn’t call Hae–not once? Not only is there no record of Adnan calling her home phone with his cell, he doesn’t page her beeper EITHER after she goes missing. Yikes. Yet he now owns an electronic device where he’s able to contact her or anyone at anytime he wishes–but doesn’t. Keep in mind, Adnan is among the first people to know that Hae is missing, before some others know: his new cell number is listed in her diary, local law enforcement call that number not knowing it’s Adnan’s cell. They see Don’s name in Hae’s diary and a phone number around Don’s name. Logically, law enforcement calls the number, suddenly finds it belongs to Adnan who is speaking, then proceeds to tell Adnan Hae is missing–this was on Wednesday, January 13, 1999. And as I’ve stated earlier, I feel like Adnan supporters view this case 1-dimensionally, instead of in 3-D real life. Hae goes missing on Wednesday–mid-week. By next Wednesday, it really sinks in to everybody that Hae is really missing and cannot be found anywhere. Let’s look at this in 3-D real life and not just as words on a piece of paper: Adnan is told by law enforcement that Hae is missing on a Wednesday–the next two days, school is out due to the ice storm and then, Monday is the annual MLK holiday. During that time that school is out due to the ice-storm, Adnan attends a local birthday party for a classmate where Hae is a no-show. So, during all this, Adnan doesn’t use his cell to page Hae nor call her home. So, he hears that his ex is missing and he literally has a cell phone on his person to call anyone at anytime on a whim, and Adnan doesn’t. There are 24 hours in a day. Over 100 hours pass before Adnan is back in school and there’s no Hae and he doesn’t attemp to make any phone calls, meanwhile he has a new cell phone. Doesn’t check in on missing Hae on a whim despite the bad weather of an ice storm, nor calls her friends with his cell phone to see what’s up. Nor does he call anyone after not seeing her at the local birthday party. I heard that her female friends kept calling and paging Hae unsuccessfully during this time while Adnan does not. See, this is what I’m talking about when I say in earlier posts that Adnan having a cellphone, an electronic device that his peers in his circle didn’t have, should’ve helped exonerate him, simply through sheer luck or through the fact that he has something different than most folks. Adnan could’ve pointed out: Hey, I call Hae and paged her dozens of times WITH MY CELL as soon as I heard, (and it would’ve made sense). Yet he doesn’t call or page her once. Don didn’t call Hae either, but we don’t know this for certain–Don could’ve attempted to call or page her through any other random phone, including any phones at Lens Crafters, his job; since Don didn’t have a cell. Sure, Adnan too, could’ve called Hae from his home phone or a pay phone in public–but, HE HAS A CELL PHONE on him and there’s no record of him calling her home phone or paging her with it. Oddly enough, he called her house multiple times after midnight, Wednesday morning, hours before Hae goes missing to tell her he has a new cell phone number. Why? When he’s going to see her at school in-person later on during Wednesday, when he asks her for the ride? Why keep calling his ex (she didn’t pick up the first call; she was on the phone with Don) at her home after midnight just to tell her his new cell number that she didn’t really ask him for?

    But let’s say you want more circumstantial evidence than that. Here goes: one of Hae’s female high school teachers appeared on-camera to state that she was upset about her student, Hae missing. And in that taped video, she states that when she attempted to embrace Adnan in school, knowing that he was once Hae’s boyfriend, his embrace was cold to her and his demeanor was unemotional and nonchalant. She pointed that out, on-camera. She doesn’t mention, Jay, she doesn’t mention law enforcement, she doesn’t mention Don either, I believe (correct me if I’m wrong if she did mention them; why would she mention them, though–they were not current students). Again, I say to Adnan supporters, are you viewing this tragedy 1-dimensionally instead of in 3-D? Here, you have one of Hae’s high school teachers who is also familiar with Adnan. And she herself feels there is something odd about Adnan and this tragedy. So, when I say 1-dimensionally, I feel like Adnan supporters focus on law enforcement and Jay and ignore other things like this that points towards Adnan being involved. If he is so innocent to you, this is kinda damning. High school teachers have solid insight on high school students and their behavior. I’m rolling with her if she says she herself felt that Adnan’s reaction to Hae missing were off, by her opinion.

    1-dimensionally…..look, folks, Adnan was arrested overnight at his home for Hae’s murder. I remember while learning about this case, the first thing that kept screaming in my head was: “Where are Adnan’s friggin’ parents?” Because, folks, I myself was raised in Maryland and I’m a decade older than Adnan. I feel like I’ve got a solid sense on Marylanders and how we do. Folks who ain’t Marylanders, I can tell you, in my humble opinion, we Marylanders are some lawsuitin’ cats. We will sue you quick, here. The legendary Mike Tyson was once married to a Marylander; he got into a car accident in local Maryland and was promptly sued. I smiled. Because that’s us, real quick, too. I feel like anywhere else, folks would’ve asked for his autograph and took pictures and let Mike off the hook–not only can Mike hit you in the ring, he can hit you with his car on the street. Many folks in Maryland were likely unaware until that moment that Mike Tyson was living locally in Maryland for a time. But, yeah, we sued him, here. That’s us. That’s Maryland, baby. So, soon as I’m following this case, I’m thinking “Where are Adnan’s parents…… sue the hell out of Baltimore?” You know, sue Maryland if Adnan didn’t do this crime. He’s a minor. But c’mon, folks, if law enforcement run up in your house overnight and arrest you for murder while you’re a still a high school kid living in your momma’s house, they ain’t playing with you, for real, for real. Why can’t Adnan supporters see that? That’s not for everyday rookies. Y’all Adnan supporters act like that’s normal–cops freely running up on homes and arresting 17-year old Honor Roll kids. Y’all make me laugh. Adnan supporters, please think in 3-D: law enforcement do not run up into your home, pull you out of bed and arrest you as a minor in front of your momma, if they don’t have the real goods on you, period. Otherwise my Maryland brethren will sue you until Jesus comes. When’s the last time you heard of law-enforcement arresting a minor at his home, where he lives in a household with 2 PARENTS at home, and he was The Homecoming King, and he was on The Honor Roll and he had a cell phone before his high school peers did and drove a car to school, had a part-time job, too and attended mosque? I’ll wait. I’ll give you 20+ years. You can also add, where the murder victim is Asian and the suspect is not even the same race. Adnan supporters, why do you think law enforcement would jump on putting such a person like Adnan behind bars without dotting the I and crossing Ts? Anyone with a decent rap sheet could be pinned on this tragedy, according to Adnan supporters–if they believe Jay is lying and law enforcement fell for it; and Adnan doesn’t even have a rap sheet.

    Here are some other things I think: I think when Adnan called Hae early Wednesday morning, before she goes missing, I think he asked her for a ride then and to give her his cell phone. I don’t see why else he would continue to keep calling her after midnight just to give his cell phone. This was urgent, to me. Also, I don’t believe Adnan when he claims he often had sex with Hae at The Best Buy parking lot. I’m not a porn star, but I’ve had sex in a car pretty much only once before that I can remember, also in a parking lot. It’s not comfortable. I get that Hae’s relationship with Adnan was a secret, so car sex would have to suffice, but Hae strikes me as a romantic; I doubt she would continue to have car sex regularly. Besides, look at it in 3-D: Hae was a busy young lady. So, what, she goes to class all day, then sees Adnan for a quickie in the car and then goes on with the rest of her busy day managing sports, being on a sports team working a job; she supposedly does this routinely? Where’s the chance for an actual relationship? What about dating or going to movies to hang out with somebody? Why continue to have car sex when you’re risking having a child with someone you would later dump? Adnan revealing sex escapades with Hae sound bogus to me. Or, I need proof. I read that Hae and Don double-dated with her friends in January 1999. I think at Cheesecake Factory. See? Sounds about right. This is 3-D life. Hanging out with a person you’re into. Not just uncomfortable car sex, in public, of all places with someone you don’t even have a future with. I heard Adnan may have used hotels too, for sex, even with other women, but that’s starting to sound expensive and again, where’s the intellectual relationship–car sex and hotel sex only lasts so long.

    Why doesn’t Adnan ever dig into Jay? Like really discuss Jay. I mean, look at me, I’ve already tossed out crazy-long posts about this tragedy–where’s Adnan’s discussion of Jay? When I first came across this case, I was immediately also wondering, how come Adnan like never brings up Jay? Folks LOVE to brand Jay a liar and say Jay killed Hae and blah, blah, blah while Adnan doesn’t have much to say about the guy, a fellow classmate who helped put him behind bars. I don’t get that.

    How come folks don’t criticize Adnan’s demeanor about this whole-being-behind-bars-for-20-years-over something he supposedly didn’t do? And folks, it’s a big tell for me that I haven’t seen or heard of Adnan crying publicly about this, when anybody else clearly would. He hasn’t cried publicly about Hae going missing or losing her life or him being behind bars. I remember someone pointing out that about OJ Simpson–he hasn’t been seen crying publicly about Nicole Brown Simpson–ever. You can think that’s a fluke all you want, but AC, the driver of The Bronco in OJ’s infamous slow-speed chase, a former close friend and teammate of OJ’s, I’ve seen AC cry, on-video, spontaneously when AC was merely mentioning Nicole in an interview; he suddenly breaks out crying; real crying; real tears, real emotion, not soft crying tears, he was disturbed-crying to me, not faking, and this was after she’d been died for a little while–he was still affected. Jon Benet’s dad hasn’t shed actual tears in public over her. That’s telling. I don’t care who you are or how you feel.

    That’s all I have for now. If I have more, I’ll share. You know it.

  7. Almost forgot:

    Folks who support Adnan–what about this item: if Adnan didn’t do this crime (as y’all believe), then that must mean local police kinda knowingly are letting a random murderer roam free in Baltimore; right? Adnan’s been behind bars 20 years, now. At any time, anyone attached to this case could reasonably let him go, forget all the bull you may hear–if folks in power truly know he’s not the killer, they’ll find a way to let him go. So, what about if two years after Adnan is behind bars, let’s say in 2002, 3 girls who look exactly like Hae all turn up missing and dead in Linkin Park, also–and they’re all are current 2002 students from Woodlawn High School. What now–Adnan’s behind bars. What would cops do now, since y’all say Adnan’s innocent? Newspapers would have a field day. Public outcry would be furious. Adnan supporters, you’re basically saying Baltimore cops are taking that risk just to put poor Adnan behind bars. Adnan supporters, you’re basically saying cops aren’t scared or worried for their own families, own daughters, own nieces or worried about their own safety for a free-roaming killer that shamelessly killed Hae. Some of these cops live in these same communities–what good does it do them to pin Adnan on this crime; it’s just making more work for themselves later if Adnan’s not the killer, someone else is going around killing people, now they gotta release Adnan in 2002, face a lawsuit, catch the real elusive killer; what a mess; y’all Adnan supporters are saying Baltimore cops gladly chose this option as the best option?

    And if you think I’m exaggerating about this scenario, let me share that: online, I’ve seen a list of bodies dumped in Baltimore’s Linkin Park. That list includes at least three different women dumped in 3 different areas in Linkin whose first names all happen to be Wanda–coincidentally. This list of Linkin Park bodies doesn’t have a date when these bodies were discovered. Wanda isn’t one of the top most common names in the world, so to have Linkin Park display at least 3 different dumped deceased bodies of women whose first names happened to be Wanda, y’all looking at this Adnan’s case crazy 1-dimensionally, if you think Baltimore cops aren’t invested in getting the right murderer of these crimes. Again, 3 deceased Wandas all dumped in Linkin Park is a tragic problem. I don’t know the outcomes of these Wanda cases–hopefully their perps are behind bars. But this goes to show you, Baltimore cops and Linkin Park, well they have an interest in finding who is killing folks and dumping bodies there, just to make it stop. What good does it do anybody if they’re pinning innocent folks behind bars? This killer is still loose. To me, y’all who feel like Jay’s lies duped law enforcement to pinning Adnan–really? Don’t local cops have other things to focus on, like I dunno 3 dead Wandas, instead of minor non-sense as Jay lying–and they’re aware of Jay lying?

    By the way, the list of bodies found in Linkin Park was a list of names that was longer than I would’ve thought. And at least 3 victims who happened to be named Wanda, left there is heart-breaking.

    1. Listening to the serial podcast now and at this point I’m leaning towards innocent but genuinely thought your arguments were good until this… What are you on about? This “what if he was let loose and murders happened again?” theory applies to every accused suspect (convicted or proven guilty) so there will always be a risk factor in ANY case… You can’t keep a person in jail just based on the fact that you’re afraid of something might go wrong. This was infuriating to read, not because I’,m biased but because this argument is completely irrelevant.

  8. I’m back to add another comment, (forgive me):

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but as I understand it, Adnan didn’t testify at Hae’s murder trial and neither did his older brother nor his father testify on his behalf…am I correct about that? I could be wrong.

    I don’t know what they (Adnan’s dad & older brother) could’ve added to the trial if they testified–I mean, I think that day Hae disappears Adnan meets up with his father at the mosque, so his Dad could testify about that–but didn’t I hear that his father was self-conscious about his ‘muslim beard appearance’ to sway a jury…and if so, just get his older brother to somehow testify and counter-act that notion, right? People get it. And I think the fact that Adnan is dating outside his race and played sports in school kinda already show that Adnan is flexible when it comes to religion and that his household is probably a little flexible too, right?

    Geez, man, I dunno. Like, (if his father indeed didn’t testify), I see where his dad is coming from by choosing to not testify thinking that his beard and appearance could stir a jury’s prejudice over his son…but, on the otherhand, who cares? Take the chance and testify for your son’s sake who’s facing murder charges and years in jail! You do your best and hope people look past a parent’s appearance, right?

    His older brother could’ve testified the normal older brother stuff, like, ‘hey my little bro is a modern 20th century kid, but he’s still grounded and would never kill anybody’.

    Anyways, I bring up Adnan’s dad and older brother not testifying at his murder trial, because, why do Adnan’s supporters still support him, despite an ample opportunity there for the males in his immediate family to testify support for him and they….don’t? Wouldn’t it be nice to have the males in his family speak so folks in the jury could get some sort of sense what the males are like in his immediate family and see, ‘…hmmm, they seem nice, maybe Adnan isn’t a psycho”…..?

    Like, honestly, for real, how can anyone decry a lack of justice in this case, if Adnan himself opts to not testify in court? For me, it’s like, the jury was like, ‘ok, you don’t feel like talking to us, we’ll put you in jail. Because we’re waiting to hear from you and hear your side of the story from your own mouth. Adnan, you got a classmate accusing you, local law enforcement accusing you and circumstantial evidence pointing at you…what do you have to say for yourself in your own defense?” Isn’t it a little wild to just let Christina Gutierrez his lawyer face the brunt of all this and get blamed for all this?

    Remember folks, this should be an easy lay-up for Adnan to dispel that he murdered Hae, if he really didn’t. Anything should’ve been able to get him off.

    Folks, think of JonBenet Ramsey. A crazy 3-page ransom note; she goes missing on Christmas. Her parents seem the likely killers. What’s the outcome? In 2020, this case is still an open case with no killer found nor suspects and the parents ‘were cleared’. So, I don’t buy the ‘cops-out-to-pin-muslim-Adnan’ route. JonBenet is murdered in her own home and the case today is ‘unsolvable’. So, cops don’t have to put anyone in jail; crimes can and do go unsolved all the time, despite whatever you may think. This could’ve easily happened to Hae’s case, since folks say no evidence points to Adnan…this case could also be ‘unsolved’,….so why is Adnan still sitting in jail 20 years later? Unless he really did it, hmmmm?

  9. I’ve got more:

    As I’ve stated earlier, Adnan claims he’s the first among his friends / peers to have a cell phone. (Let’s not forget, everybody, think back–even though it’s the year 2020 now / today, think back to 1999, while Bill Clinton was still President (just to give you some reference on how long ago this was; not being political in any way) cell phones weren’t exactly available to minors. Please don’t forget, back in the day, in most cases, to get a cell phone, you had to have good credit; which is why beepers / pagers were more accessible to some folks.) Adnan was a minor, at the age of 17, yet he had a cell phone–there’s a reason why his peers like Jay, Hae and Stephanie I’d imagine didn’t have cell phones–you had to have good credit, and at that age, still a teenager, you don’t really have enough of a credit history to get a cell phone. So, for Adnan to get the cell phone that he had, he had to get it from his mentor–the friend of his, who was older, and his pal at the mosque. That dude actually owned the cell and let Adnan use it. (Is the story I’ve come across.) And this is why I keep bringing up in post after post, just the fact that Adnan ‘owns’ a cell, should’ve helped exonerate him. It wasn’t always his and he just acquired it, so hopefully, luck should be on his side and help rule him out of trouble in this tragedy. Yet, it’s one of the main things that helps implicate him in this murder tragedy. That’s like if your accused of murder, but all the clothes you’re wearing were actually just borrowed the day before. Or something. But in this case, it’s like law enforcement still found blood on Adnan’s borrowed sneakers, let’s say that were still in his house, before he returned them, for the sake of this example.

    Anyway, interesting how Adnan has a new cell and has a car, yet doesn’t organize a search, once he learns his fellow classmate and ex-girlfriend is missing. Keep in mind, school was closed for the next two days in that week due to the ice storm. Kids are at home with free time. I imagine Adnan has a 4-door, 4-passenger car where he could drive around Baltimore and have 3 friends / classmates in the car, searching around for Hae and her car. I can tell this wasn’t done. You know how I can tell? Because it took a month to locate Hae’s body supposedly by Jay as well as a Jay leading them to the car supposedly–without Adnan or a search party discovering anything first. If Adnan was innocent, why didn’t he do this–organize a search–dude literally has a cell phone on him; what is he using it for, if he doesn’t use it for this–a search? Finding Hae’s car would be like finding a needle in a haystack in Baltimore, but Adnan’s her classmate and friend, at least try!! School was out for two days and on top of that they also had a 3-day weekend due to the MLK holiday. Heres’s something: You actually don’t even need a reason or excuse of school being out to go look for Hae–just the fact that she is missing, go out and look for her!! That should be the normal reaction. Plus, I can’t overstate it: Adnan has both cell phone and a car–perfect tools to help in a search. A true Honor Roll kid would’ve figured this out, to go ahead a get a search going.

    I remember when I came across this crime, when trying to decide if Adnan was guilty or not, I wondered how was Hae murdered? Strangulation, it turns out. Well, there you go. Doesn’t that *fit* (circumstantially) against Adnan being innocent? Even if you think Adnan could be innocent, Hae dying by strangulation–that fits into the realm of possible ways–if Adnan was guilty–a way he could’ve killed her. Right? And strangulation is a common method of murder in domestic situations. For Hae to be strangled, this person has to have an opportunity to get real close to her. And Adnan being an EMT, he’d have better insight than most, I’d guess on how to get close and strangle someone, then get away with it. If Hae’s body was found in Linkin Park and her back was completely broken and her skull was bashed in with all of her limbs broken witih all of her fingers broken as well, you could be like, “hmm…I don’t know if Adnan did this…”. But strangulation where nothing seems to be missing from her purse still in her car and her car wasn’t used in other crimes…well…

    And what do Adnan supporters have to say about Jen P.? She’s Jay’s friend who graduated Woodlawn with him. Didn’t she also testify against her former classmate, Adnan at his trial? Everyone focuses on Jay and Jay’s lies, and you could argue that what Jay says to Jen that leads her to testify is ‘all from Jay’s lies’ but c’mon, I can’t think of anybody who would willingly go to court to testify something like that if they weren’t also certain. Y’all rush to defend Asia trying to testify that she saw Adnan in the library, but wanna throw out and cancel Jen for testifying against Adanan.

    Keep in mind, when police come to contact with Jen, after seeing her phone number in Adnan’s cell phone records (due to Jay calling her with Adnan’s phone) Jen reveals to police that Hae was strangled because Jay told her that Adnan told him–but police hadn’t mentioned how Hae died to anyone yet. How do y’all Adnan supporters explain that? How does Jen know that Hae was strangled without Jay, her close friend telling her that Adnan told him?

    I know some of y’all out there think Jen and Jay killed Hae. That’s Laughable with a capital L. Ok, I’ll bite though, but answer me this: if Jen and Jay killed Hae, not only why did they do it, but why in January 1999? If they could kill Hae (and by your view they did kill Hae) that means they could’ve killed her at any time, so why during mid-January? Some believe that Jay and Jen were having an affair behind Stephanie’s back and Hae threatened to tell Stephanie. Ridiculous. If so, geez a simple threat to Hae wouldn’t suffice? Or just simply asking Hae not to tell or paying her? They gotta kill her? Really? That’s the only answer to silence her from telling Stephanie who could find out anyway from anybody else or a month later? What if it’s true, Jen and Jay are having an affair, Hae threatens to tell, Jay and Jen kill her and then 2 days later, Adnan accidentally let’s it slip out–keep in mind he’s Stephanie’s friend too. Now, what–oops we killed Hae for no reason, since Stephanie found out anyway? Really?

    And y’all forgetting–if Jay and Jen kill Hae, they don’t need Adnan to frame–because who’s gonna suspect them? They both already graduated Woodlawn. If they kill Hae who discovers their alleged affair, the secret affair between Jen and Jay dies too, right, with Hae’s deadly silence? So, why drag Adnan into this? How would Adnan even guess they killed her–so far we have Hae’s strangled body left in Linkin Park…how is Adnan supposed to suddenly correctly guess that Jen and Jay did this? Why would Jen and Jay frame Adnan at all, when it would kinda drag them into it by framing him, right? In this case, Jen and Jay cannot frame Adnan without calling attention to themselves, right? They eventually had to both go to court and testify, right? I can’t stress enough this crime could’ve gone unsolved with no suspects, eeeeeeasily!! Right? Many crimes do. If police arrest a 17-year old in his home from his bed in front of his 2-parent household, they probably got the best reason, you gotta trust that.

  10. Real quick:

    In the alleged fictional scenario where some believe Jay and Jen killed Hae because Hae discovered they were having an affair behind her good friend Stephanie’s back–(which is absolutely silly and I believe false) the fact that Jen and Jay allegedly kill Hae over this–that it’s that serious that the only viable option is to kill her and nothing else, my God–must mean that Hae’s the only person who knows about the affair–the only witness. Right? It’s gotta mean that. Since they must kill her. Which means, if Jen and Jay successfully kill her, by definition, nobody would suspect them as her killer. Right? Am I not right? If the only answer is to kill Hae to keep a Jen/Jay love affair a secret, it successfully stays a secret, since Hae’s dead, right? So there’s no need to frame Adnan. Because nobody knows Jen and Jay are having an affair–and that’s their supposed only reason to kill her. And actually isn’t that too much work? In a case like this, don’t you just want to kill the person and keep a low profile, wouldn’t the act of framing a third party who you know very well, be just an extra step and a whole lot of work?

    Plus, if Jen and Jay kill and bury Hae just to keep their affair a secret, I imagine this is the first time they’ve killed and buried anyone. Was it worth it? Do they continue their love affair after THAT…after murder? Let’s say no one gets blamed for Hae’s murder, that Jen and Jay keep a low profile and roll on, nobody’s the wiser and suspects them. Adnan isn’t a suspect and law enforcement declares Hae’s tragedy as unsolved. So,….. Jen and Jay’s affair just continues on course like nothing happened after they killed somebody and buried them? How do they stay ‘romantic’ after something like that? They’re just normal people.

    Y’all do realize Jen and Jay could just lie to Stephanie’s face and say they’re not having an affair and that Hae is full of it, right? Y’all do know that, right? Deny, deny, deny. They don’t have to kill Hae. And who’s to say that Stephanie would even believe Hae if Hae tells her Jen and Jay are having an affair behind her back? Jay would deny it, Jen would deny it. Or Jay could fake apologize, says him and Jen would break it off, and still continue the affair anyway, they can do that, y’all realize that, right? They don’t have to kill Hae. Stephanie’s still in high school; Jen and Jay graduated and are free to do anything behind her back at anytime–they’re not bound to the walls of high school, like Stephanie is….

    1. So there is immense amount of personal bias into your argument, your viewpoint juxtaposed on the circumstantial proposed by the prosecution. Is it in airtight argument for me? Vociferously no.
      You cannot assume, predict human behaviour, the President of United States of America has different human behaviour from the President of Republic of China, What maybe logical reasoning to you may not be foreseeable human action for the specimen in consideration

  11. I’m back with another thought:

    First of all, lemme say, I have taken the time to listen to opposing views–I’ve listened to Undisclosed, Bob Ruff’s Truth & Justice and whatever I could find on the internet, like Reddit or YouTube videos, where folks have claimed that Adnan is innocent. And I deeply appreciate anybody’s efforts to offer any different views other than mine and I’m amazed at the pieces of evidence Adnan’s supporters like Undisclosed or Bob Ruff have been able to examine or should I say re-examine. Yet, I still think Adnan’s involved in this crime. And here’s something new from me to ponder: (look, I know that when you read my breathless bantering above, it’s not always concise; so let me focus on one thing, this time–Adnan’s car.) Adnan has his own car where he drives himself to school. And by most accounts, Adnan arrives at his school on-time, more or less on Wednesday, January 13, 1999, the same day that Hae Min Lee would later go missing. So, follow me on this, folks: Adnan drives to school and I’d wager that he drives to school alone–that his buddy, Jay was not a passenger at that time, that morning. Jay had graduated earlier, and since school at Woodlawn High starts before 8am, I believe Adnan drives to school alone; Jay doesn’t need to be up or awake that early. And by some accounts, some folks said that once Adnan arrived at school, he asked Hae for a ride later to his track practice. Yes, Adnan would go on to deny this–deny he asked Hae for a ride, offering that he owns his own car, why would he ask Hae for a ride? But, let’s really look at this, though: if Adnan asks Hae to drive him as a favor, that would mean he’s asking her for a ride even though he presently has his car parked at that moment somewhere on school campus. That’s kinda weird–that he’s already asking for a future ride yet his car is on the premises. But let Adnan tell it, he didn’t ask Hae for a ride. Oh, but wait just one minute, y’all: during his open free period or lunch time during that day, Adnan leaves the school campus in his own car and meets up with Jay. Let Adnan tell it: Adnan already got Jay’s girlfriend Stephanie a gift for her birthday and Adnan presented that gift to Stephanie already while they were in class together, Adnan correctly assumed that Jay had not gotten Stephanie anything yet, so let Adnan tell it, he allowed Jay to borrow his car so Jay could get something for Stephanie, too. Which would mean Jay drives Adnan back to school in Adnan’s car around the noon or 1pm hour and then Jay leaves the school premises with Adnan’s car and cell. But hold up, folks and let’s pause right here. If this is actually true, that Adnan asked Hae that morning for a 3pm ride later to his track practice, this would make perfect sense, correct? Because Jay now has Adnan’s car that afternoon for Jay to get Stephanie a gift; yet, hold on, though–if Adnan asked Hae, that morning that would mean that Adnan correctly already predicted somehow that Jay would gladly accept without question to borrow Adnan’s car. How could Adnan ALREADY KNOW Jay would accept to borrow Adnan’s car? Right? At around 8am, let’s say, Adnan arrives at school with his own car and he is already asking Hae, ‘can she give him a ride around 3pm that day’, so she can get him to track practice…how does Adnan already know that when Adnan reaches out to Jay later around noon, that Jay, who has no car would already accept borrowing Adnan’s car? Otherwise, why ask Hae for the favor so early? And what if Jay already made other plans? What if Jay had an emergency that suddenly came up when Adnan drives over to Jay around noon or whatever time it was that they met. Right? Adnan arrives at school on-time with his car that morning. Then around mid-day he leaves school in his car and leaves it with Jay. Jay drops Adnan back at school and for some reason, Adnan DOESN’T tell Jay to pick him up until AFTER track practice. Um, why isn’t Adnan asking Jay to return to school around 2:30 to drop him off at track practice then pick him up again, later, after track practice? It’s Adnan’s car! Adnan is doing Jay a favor, not the other way around. Yet, Adnan ‘foolishly’ gives away his car, is suddenly without a ride to track practice, though Adnan claims he did not ask Hae for a ride and nobody has ever come forward saying they saw Adnan in Hae’s car that day. So, how does Adnan get to track practice that day? Who gave him a lift there? Did he just walk over? If so, Asia claimed to see him in the library–what’s he doing there still at that time, if he needs to get to track practice–without a car? How come he doesn’t ask Asia for a ride to track practice? The longer Adnan stays at the library dilly dallying around, the more he’s losing an opportunity to get a lift to track practice from anybody available, right? While they’re still on campus and haven’t themselves left yet. He needs that precious time while he’s hanging out in the library to be asking around for a ride. Or, maybe, you’d argue: he arranged for a ride with someone else already. Well, what’s Adnan still doing at the library if he has a ride arranged? Maybe, you’ll argue, he arranged a ride to track practice with a friend at a specific time, let’s say 3:15pm so he was killing time at the library. Well, nobody as of yet has come forward to say they gave Adnan a ride to track at 3:15pm. Right? Nobody has ever come forward in all these years to say they gave Adnan a lift to track. And Adnan has never stated that Jay came back to school to give Adnan a lift to track practice before returning to drive him home. So, why does Adnan foolishly give his car away on the day he has track practice? How does Jay getting Stephanie a birthday gift trump Adnan using his own car to get to track practice? How does Adnan already know Jay would accept borrowing Adnan’s car and use it until it has to be returned after track practice? So, Jay doesn’t say, responsibly ‘hey, bro, don’t you need me to come back and take you to track practice before I pick you up again from track practice later?’ So, let Adnan tell it, he didn’t ask Hae for a ride at all to track practice. Ok. But how does he get himself to track practice? If he walks there himself, what’s he doing at the library checking his email, wasting time? Shouldn’t he start walking over there? How foolish does he feel walking himself on foot to track practice when he has a car; yet he’s not using it because he for some reason lent it out like a blank check. If Adnan manages to find a ride to track practice, you’d think someone by now would’ve spoke up and said, “yo, it’s true, y’all, Hae never gave Adnan a ride to track; because I did.” Wouldn’t this single act shut down the entire case, quickly and easily? How is it no body, nobody, not one single person has come forward to say they gave Adnan who already lent out his car, a ride to track practice–which would kill the state’s entire case. Nobody has come forward to say they saw Adnan walking to track practice either. His coach says Adnan was probably at practice, he didn’t take formal attendance, but it had to be that day most likely, his coach said. Again, how does Adnan correctly know beforehand that Jay would accept borrowing Adnan’s car–that nothing would come up where Jay would be like, nah you keep your car. Right? Think about it: Adnan leaves school premises during his free hour to go straight to Jay. It’s as if Adnan already KNEW 100% that Jay would accept to borrow his car. Do you not see how Adnan is going out of his way to lend his car to Jay? It’s Adnan’s car. Adnan is on-campus. He also has track later. Why does he take his own car, leave campus during a free period, drive all the way to Jay and be like, “hey, you wanna borrow my car? I mean, I got track practice later and all, but it’s ok, you can have it,” all the while knowing Jay would be like, “sure dude!” Right? If you can’t understand what I’m telling you, it’s this: Adnan’s best alibi would be him having own car and his own cell with him throughout the entire day that Hae would end up missing. It’s easy. He started that tragic day that way. Adnan’s best alibi would be him driving himself to track practice or someone, anyone giving him a ride to track practice and stating so. C’mon, man.

  12. This has gotta be the greatest rant in internet history – kudos, man. I buy about 90% of it – the weight of all the unluckiness is way too high. Btw, the point you raise about Adnan’s nonchalance toward Jay is how one knows he’s guilty. Because if you were Adnan, and innocent, and heard Jay telling so many lies about you – well, you’d therefore know Jay killed Hae. And yet Adnan claims to be unsure who did it. That’s a fatal logical error.

    1. If He wasn’t there, he would be lying if he said he knew. But he was stating a fact, he didn’t know. If they asked him right after to give his best guess, I’m sure he would say Jay.

  13. I appreciate your post, GypsieDavey.

    I’m back to post some more random ranting thoughts. Because, I wonder, (sometimes) if younger folks who were born during this 21st century and they’re assigned this case in school might come to view things in a certain way, a 21st century view–because they have no first-hand experience with life in the previous, 20th century: when this crime occurred. So, as someone like myself born in the 20th century, I’d like to weigh-in with my thoughts to help let some of these 21st century folks maybe see things in a different way.

    All of my musings on this case are random.

    Let’s look at Adnan’s go-to line that “it was just an ordinary day…” so, that’s why he cannot remember where he was or what he was doing in certain points during Wed, Jan. 13, 1999; the day Hae goes missing and he needs an alibi to fill in those missing points. I disagree with Adnan’s line, “it was just an ordinary day.” In a true ordinary day, one would have, like, 10 co-signers on your alibi for every hour of that day; whether you knew or not you had 10 cosigners, you got ’em–because, it’s an ordinary day. In an ordinary day, there are no UFOs seen in the sky, no Bigfoots seen crossing the road. In my opinion, “an ordinary day” pretty much comes hand-in-hand with various co-signed, proven alibis….by definition, by default, by gimme, whatever you wanna call it. One would not even be aware they had 10 random people suddenly co-signing their alibis for every hour on an ordinary day. One may offhand think of only 1 person co-signing their alibi for any given hour of an ordinary day, but 9 more co-signers may come outta nowhere and co-sign on your alibi. Because it’s an ordinary day–you’re doing your ordinary things. It’s so ordinary, you don’t notice everyone taking note or being a part of you doing your ordinary things, because the day is so ordinary to you. So, for Adnan to say it’s an ordinary day, but he cannot give alibis at certain points during this “ordinary day” and for some unknown reason nobody can stand up and vouch for any missing minutes during his day, well, that’s an oxymoron to me. To me, there’s no such thing as an ordinary day, yet somehow you don’t have alibis at certain points for that ordinary day to back it up. For me, an “ordinary day” without alibis cannot coexist. Someone’s gotta give me a serious example of having an ordinary day, yet not having alibis….

    Furthermore, Adnan claims he cannot account for all of his whereabouts, since he could be ‘anywhere at anytime’ once school lets out. I disagree with this statement too. However, I do think that if you are a youth today during this 21st century decade of the 2020s, it’s very possible (in my opinion) to be ‘anywhere at anytime’. Today’s youth have the luxury of paying through iPay, Paypal, Bitcoin; today’s youth has better access to credit cards than the youth of 1999. Like, McDonald’s and fast food didn’t accept credit cards for payment transactions until the 21st century (were you aware of that?)–like around 2003, 2004. I say that to say this: in 1999, The U.S. was still very much a cash-based society, more than today where you can pay with your iPhone handy on you, instead of cash. There was no CashApp. So, when Adnan claims ‘he could be anywhere at anytime’ in 1999 and therefore he can’t remember exactly every minute where he was in 1999 to exonerate him as a suspect, uh, well, I wonder how could he be ‘anywhere at anytime’ without available or enough cash dollar bills handy on him? How? A random 17-year old today, during the 2020 decade can travel pretty far around the U.S. at any given time without cash dollar bills on them, just by using their cell phone, or going online and forwarding and transferring money here and there. Or CashApp. I’ll give you that. But this was not the case in 1999; you had to have cash on you. Now, it’s true, Hae had a credit card in 1999 and used it that very week when she died. I’m not saying credit cards weren’t around. I’m saying cash was still the main thing in the late 90s. Monetary transfers by credit card didn’t update as quickly in 1999 as they do today online. In 1999, you couldn’t deposit cash into an ATM and have it appear on your account in seconds; you couldn’t deposit a paycheck into an ATM and have a new balance appear in your bank account in seconds like you can today and then roll on and swag out. I’m trying to tell you, from my recollection of 1999, as a 17 year old that Adnan was at that year, he was limited on where he could possibly be at any moment. He’s a minor at 17, not yet an adult of 18 years. He can’t be in the local casino; he’s too young. He couldn’t rent a car by himself at that age; any I.D. he had would show he’s too young and he’d have to have enough money in his credit card. And McDonald’s ain’t taking credit. So, if by chance it’s 1999 and you’re at McDonald’s and all you have is $9.50 on your credit card and you don’t have cash, you could be SOL with most popular fast food spots. You’ll have to go elsewhere like a gas station or grocery store. And don’t forget, on Wednesday, January 13, 1999, when Hae goes missing, it was also mid-January on a school day, in the middle of a school week. You can’t be ‘anywhere at anytime’ at 17 years old back then. He couldn’t suddenly be in West Virginia 2 hours later, like you can as a 17-year old kid today with access to iPay and Uber. Even though he had a car. He better have adequate paper cash bills on him for gas, food, shelter if he was to be in West Virginia that same day by car. Back then, in 1999, you could only run out of money on a credit card, depositing cash into it or transferring cash into a credit card wouldn’t update as quickly as it does today. So, what I’m trying to tell anyone who is a youth today and can’t imagine the 20th century, back in 1999, you’d have a solid alibi for every where you went–because you could only move as far as your age and cash money or limited credit cards that mostly lost money and couldn’t be replenished with a snap of your fingers would take you–for most of us in the general population. Does that makes sense? So, I don’t see how he could be at any place anywhere or doing something anywhere and not ‘know it’ enough to remember it…at all nor have alibis to back it up. Because for the most part, cash on hand dictated where you were and where you were going to go and what you were doing at any given moment. Right? In 1999, where cash is the main thing most of the places you go, you’re going to take note and be aware of everywhere you are especially as a youth. If you’re in the store in 1999 it’s because you’re using you’re last $5.00 and you better use it wisely so you’re going to remember everything because every action you make in 1999 determines where you’ll be next or where you’ll be later that day. You spend your only $5.00, you’re broke for the rest of the day so all of your decisions are based on that; so you remember; because it suddenly becomes a little domino effect for everything else that happens with you as well as how you interact with others. You’re outta money maybe you can’t hang out with your friends that day and they will remember that. In my opinion people lend more cash money to panhandlers outside a 7-Eleven today, in 2021. than in 1999, because when cash is the main thing in that society back then in 1999, you couldn’t leverage giving $1.00 cash to every panhandler you see. Today you can do it; you have iPay and Bitcoin, and you can transfer funds between accounts at the drop of a hat–through your cell phone no doubt. CashApp. You can bounce back super quickly money-wise today in 2021 as opposed to more slowly in the year 1999. So, I can’t follow Adnan when he says ‘he could be anywhere at anytime’ AND NOT REMEMBER WHERE HE WAS where ‘cash rules everything around you’ shout out to Wu-Tang? How? I’m hella sure folks will all disagree with everything I’ve posted so far today, as my opinion, but I believe it. That’s the way I remember feeling. Jay had already graduated from Woodlawn. Jay could rightly claim he could be ‘anywhere at anytime’ more than Adnan; though Jay was limited by cash too. But for Adnan who was still 17 and in high school, in 1999 no less, how could you be ‘anywhere at anytime’ during a weekday of a school year–especially when you attended school earlier that day? At his age, in 1999, all he has is the mosque, school, track, maybe the movies, the mall, a friend’s house. That’s it. He had a car, but wasn’t it in the shop sometimes due to breakdowns? And all those places people see you and can verify your alibi. You can’t be ‘anywhere at anytime’. You can’t be in the stripclubs, Adnan’s age is too young. Look at Hae: if she’s not at school, she’s picking up her younger cousin, or working at Lens Crafters, or at home or out on a double date at Cheesecake Factory with Don and her classmates. That’s it. That’s your life in high school. Yes, you partied, but everyone sees you at the party and can verify your alibi. You should have an alibi–people see you. Your cash money limits and tracks you in 1999. What little public cameras there were out at that time also tracked you. In my mind, there can’t be any vague, ambiguous I could be ‘anyplace at anytime so I don’t recall where’…for 1999…? Nah.

    Another random thought of mine: at first I wondered if Don killed Hae. It’s a solid possibility. But I also realized recently, wait a minute, Don and Hae both worked at Lens Crafters. Hae joined in the fall, around October, her birth month; I hear. So, she’d only worked there about 3 months. Lens Crafters is a public, national chain. It’s still around, too. Forget law enforcement investigating Don, Lens Crafters most likely investigated Don internally on the low-low. Because they are right there. Don’t these public chains have like District Managers and Regional managers? First, they gotta code out Hae from their payroll after the tragedy. Then they hear, hey, it’s possible a fellow co-worker killed her. District Managers, Regional Managers gotta be thinking, ‘hey do we need to code out other employees from payroll soon? Do we need to replace more employees from payroll, soon? Are we going to lose any employees from payroll after they see this story in the news media and randomly quit because they don’t feel safe regardless if the killer is a Lens Crafters employee or not?” This tragedy was on the news. They showed her candelight vigil on the news. If you’re a higher-up in Lens Crafters, you are seeing this and it’s not every day a single, young female employee of yours is abducted, murdered and left in a shallow grave in the woods in a mystery. A high-schooler at that. Sorry, son, that ain’t gonna just slide. Lens Crafters has to step up on that. I worked for a local grocery chain during the 90s. I remember a in-house store manager that worked overnights some affectionately called “Teddy Bear” because he was so genuinely nice to everyone all the time. One day law enforcement came in and handcuffed him on charges that he’d been personally stealing money from the grocery store for himself for awhile. You think law enforcement figured that out? Or was it the internal employees who worked there? Internal employees. So, when we are led by hand by Adnan supporters to believe ‘law enforcement didn’t look at Don close enough’ um, actually, Lens Crafters had that ball on their court on that one–they’re right there. Employees worked with Don. They could step up at anytime if they saw something wrong or amiss. It’s been 20 years. They could still step up. Do you see what I’m saying? Lens Crafters HAD to check this–they had to intensely investigate Don whether we in the outside know it or not because look it’s been 20 years now, any time anybody and lay person listening to Serial can start accusing of Lens Crafters lacking on Don and they’d have to respond. Even today in 2021, Lens Crafters has to have a response if Don suddenly gets arrested for Hae’s murder. They will not be off the hook. Like, you may not know this, but The Book Depository in Dallas, Texas that hired Lee Harvey Oswald in October 1963 had to answer for why they hired him–without doing a background check on him. (Their answer was that they dropped the ball–he was so polite during his one-on-one interview and stated he was a former marine, 24 years old, married with a wife and 2 young children looking for a job and the heads at the book depository knew this was only a seasonal temporary temp job, so they didn’t waste doing a background check on him, a polite 24-year old marine.) This came out during the Warren Commission on The JFK Assassination. Had they done a background check on Oswald, they would’ve seen he had been involved in a public fight that summer and other things. So, you don’t think you get responsible for employees? After they commit crimes, folks come right back to where they worked and you better have an answer. That’s no joke sometimes. So, it may come up that Don could be the culprit, but chances are, hopefully Lens Crafters got their employees together and sniffed it out on the low-low and made sure they were certain that he wasn’t involved.

    One last thing: Jay. Folks wonder how Jay could’ve assisted Adnan if they were just acquaintances. Folks like to claim they would ‘never help someone bury a body’ they way Jay helped Adnan. Did Adnan pay him? Here’s my take. Maybe we first need to identify what type of relationship Adnan and Jay had. In my humble opinion, Adnan and Jay had a relationship like co-workers. Why not? School is like a job. You go early, you have homework to submit. You take lunch. Sometimes you have to give a report in front of a class. You go to school daily like a job with a bunch of others. Your classmates are like co-workers. And if that’s the case, if Jay and Adnan have a co-worker relationship, it would explain how they both say they’re acquaintances and don’t immediately think of each other as friends or close friends. Yeah, think about it: how are you like with your co-workers in your daily life? I think think of some co-workers of mine whom I’d call ‘acquaintances’ too, not my friends, yet they’ve been in my car, they know where I live, they know or met a few family members of mine, they know intimate details about me and personal details about me because we’re co-workers and it came up during work. So, if Adnan and Jay had this co-worker relationship, also think about it: sometimes you do some foul illegal stuff with your co-workers. Right? When I was an underage kid working at the grocery store, I overheard the older co-workers say that after work they usually headed to the strip club. I of course was too young and didn’t have a car. I begged my co-workers to take me. So, they did, one night. They took me across state lines into a strip club because they heard / knew / saw that in the last half hour before it closed nightly the bouncer outside got super lax and wouldn’t check IDs and would let anyone in. They were right. The bouncer didn’t bat an eye at me or ask me for ID as I walked in freely with my older co-workers though I was a minor. Those dudes, my coworkers were all years older than me and weren’t anyone I considered friends, they were all my acquaintances. I saw them everyday at work. We chilled in the break room during breaks. We made jokes and small talk at work. I really appreciated them letting me tag along and take me to a strip club and then drive me home. So, with Adnan and Jay, I felt Jay went along because they had a co-worker relationship where your co-workers get under your skin before you know it and you’re in too deep. I kinda believe the trunk pop thing really happened. And I feel like at that moment, Jay realized its the ebb and flow of having a coworker relationship got real. Folks are like, why didn’t Jay go to the cops? Have you ever had an illegal moment with your coworker and gone to the cops? You’ll let a ton of illegal moments go by with your coworkers before you get cops involved. Right? We all do that. We don’t think. Darned co-worker relationships get under the skin and you don’t know how to react when the trunk pops. You think a week after my coworkers took me to my first stripclub that if they had a body in a trunk and asked me to help them bury it that I would go to the cops or help them bury it? It’s tough. You see these people everyday.

    Just some more of my random ranting thoughts…

  14. Believe you me, Adnan did do it. He had a beautiful girlfriend who he did love truly and vise versa,but she ended it because his and her family was strict and she didn’t like that it had to be a secret. She then leaves Adnan and starts a relationship with another guy and that was also to be kept a secret. Adnans view would of been, you say you loved me and now say it’s over because of family pressures and it being kept a secret but now you say you love someone else and it will still be a secret. So why couldn’t we still be together. Being under the influence of marajawana changes a person’s reactions and when she said this to him he lost his rag and strangled her,I don’t believe it was premeditated nor that he meant to kill her..but believe you me,he did one would want to believe that their son is a murderer, especially a Muslim child given the amount of stigma that comes with it,,Already said in the documentary the “aunties” that would grass them up for being at the cinema with a girl,, it was an accident to kill her but even admitting he didn’t mean to do it,, would still make him a murderer. Real shame but I believe Allah has served his justice.

  15. I have read everyone’s comments and thoughts, and I’ve listened to Serial, but before reading it, I had already came to the conclusion, that Adnan is guilty. He most definitely had the motive. One very important clue that I have never heard anyone speak of(or maybe it has been mentioned and I missed it) is the letter that Hae wrote to Adnan(the break-up letter) more specifically, one line that reads: “But apparently you don’t respect me enough to accept my decision” she then also goes on to say “ The more fuss you make, the more I got do what I go to do” This tells me two things. First of all it tells me that Adnan was talking to other people about the break up, the part when Hae says in the letter “ BUT apparently” sounds to me that Hae had found out from other people that Adnan was having an issue and that he wasn’t happy, and secondly it tells me that he led Hae to believe that he in fact was fine with the break-up. This shows Adnan being deceptive and someone who is capable of being deceptive, is capable of a lot more. Everyone says Adnan is so sweet, he was caring and that they can’t imagine him doing anything like this (killing Hae) well newsflash, everyone has two sides, it’s just that some people are generally quite good at hiding the bad/dark side.Another point that hadn’t been mentioned is in the HBO documentary, when they interview Saad Chaudry( Rabia’s brother) he says that he had told Adnan that if he (Adnan) knows anything, he needs to tell the police and get a lawyer, yet Saad says that Adnan’s reaction was sought of cavalier,and he said in a laughing voice “ well in this system you are innocent until proven guilty” REALLY?!? Is that his response. If I knew for certain I wasn’t involved, that would definitely not be my answer. That is a major red flag. I would love to know peoples reasoning for saying that Adnan is innocent, is it just because there’s not really any evidence, although there is definitely motive or is it because of his religion and culture and that the thought of someone who seems so sweet and caring, is actually capable of killing. I believe that because Adnan is smart, he is capable of manipulating and deceiving everyone around him, I mean he deceived his parents when he was living his double life, having sex, smoking weed etc. They had no idea that this had been going on, why? Because Adnan is a master manipulator and deceiver and that is a side of him that almost everyone didn’t know. So here’s my take: When Adnan met Don on the 23rd December(the day that Hae had that car accident) Adnan(although not showing it) was completely jealous of Don and probably felt humiliated by Hae. Remember at this point, Hae and Adnan had broken up. Then he is so upset that he purchased this cell phone to apparently call girls, now let’s look at this, Adnan clearly knew a lot of girls, so this leads me to believe that Adnan can be seen as a player, he’s who is bruised by the break-up and to make himself feel significant and have the upper-hand he decides he’ll be calling girls. Adnan is now in the driver’s seat so to speak,because at any moment he has the power to decide when he’s done with one of those girls and drops them like a hot potato, do it’s empowering for him and with regards to his culture, this is fitting, I know that he’s American, yet his parents have drilled into him how to behave and live his life(whether he listened or not) according to Pakistani culture/religion. So now what happens is, the rug is pulled out from under him because even though Hae has broken up with me, apparently she continues to flirt with him while being in a relationship with Don, so now the tables have turned as she is now doing to Adnan what he is doing tho all those girls that he apparently knows and wants to call. I feel at this point Adnan is completely furious and humiliated, and probable feels as though he is being lead on by Hae and he feels as though she could be playing some kind of game, a similar game to what he is playing with all those girls. In Adnan’s mind, a female shouldn’t be doing this and because it’s being done to him, he doesn’t like it and is now getting a taste of his own medicine. I think that he kind of started to see Hae in a different light, probably almost in a degrading manner. I think that Adnan was just so humiliated and angry that Hae was the one to break up with him,and not the other way around, I think he snapped and plotted to kill her.

  16. I’m back in 2022 with a new rant. Miss me?

    First of all, my apologies to the young people who attend this Brooklyn facility and/or are a part of this Brooklyn publication; my apologies for jumping in with my rants, where you came in to express yourself and your thoughts. I don’t know Adnan, Hae nor Jay personally; I’m almost 10 years older than they are and live about an hour away.

    I still believe Adnan is responsible for the 1999 murder of Hae Lee. But do your own research, please; and take my thoughts and rants as just someone who doesn’t know everything but wants to offer a different way to look at things for those of you who may still believe Adnan is not guilty. In today’s rant, I want to focus a little bit on: Time.

    The way I see it / understand it, (off the top of my head without looking it up) Hae is missing in mid-January 1999. By early February, her deceased body is found. Towards late February, Jay is interviewed by law enforcement, Hae’s car is located and just before March 1999 begins, Adnan is arrested at his home. Adnan is not allowed bail. He remains in jail until today. His first trial comes around late December 1999. It only lasts for a few days. (Off the top of my head) his second trial begins in the year 2000 around February and goes a couple of weeks. He is convicted and remains in jail until today. Look, I say all that to say: this wasn’t an overnight process. The story of Serial makes Adnan’s story 1-dimensional. It almost sounds like Adnan is just randomly picked up out of the blue as a potential suspect and he never gets a chance to speak himself; that he’s thrown in jail and forgotten by everybody. But let’s look at that…

    Let’s look at Time. Hae is missing in mid-January and her body is located in February. During this Time, from January to February Adnan continues to attend school as much as he can. Towards and by late February, Jay is being interviewed by cops; Jay who already graduated from Woodlawn a year earlier is saved from having to keep up appearances at school. Meanwhile, it’s late February and Adnan has been attending school throughout Hae’s disappearance, location of her deceased body and up until the location of her car. Look, I don’t know anything, but I would *imagine* rumors milled around the school that Adnan had something to do with Hae’s death, the entire time, hmmm? Because it’s a high school. Young people with active imaginations. Plus, they ‘know’ Hae, they ‘know’ Adnan, right? They don’t ‘know’ anybody outside of that, outside of the school, though the cause of Hae’s death could be a result of something outside of school. Like, I am *imagining, only* (imagining here), that there could be students who only knew Hae–but didn’t know Adnan. Maybe Hae tutored a fellow younger student at one point. Maybe that student was on a sports team and rubbed shoulders with Hae briefly. So, let’s say a random student knew Hae only, very casually but didn’t know Adnan. Yet that student is shown who Adnan is in the halls at school and it’s after Hae’s body is found. That student can observe Adnan. And perhaps that student was upset that Hae was dead but now observes Adnan in the hallway and Adnan doesn’t appear broken up. He’s smiling maybe in one moment or laughing. That student may get upset. Rumors may fly. Again, that student doesn’t know of Hae’s activities or private life outside of school. All they know is that Adnan is attached to her life and they see him in the halls and he may not appear as someone in mourning. Meanwhile, Adnan *HAS* to keep attending school. He can’t miss too many days now, it’ll look bad. But once he’s in school, all eyes are on him. In Serial, Adnan says all the condolences coming his way about Hae’s death were ‘too much’. And it seems people did notice him recoil to that, at times. Again, Jay already graduated and doesn’t have to attend school. I just want folks to think about that–that Adnan still was in school many weeks following Hae’s disappearance, while many eyes were on him. This is a point where, if he were innocent at all, it would’ve shone through. You don’t hear about Hae’s other close friends being under the bright spotlight of suspicion during this time. Only Adnan is in that spotlight. At least one admin at the school claimed she felt ‘his hug after finding out Hae was dead seemed a ‘cold’ hug to her’. People were watching. Remember–people were aware Adnan and Hae were broken up by December–Asia McClain brings up their breakup when she sees Adnan in the library, right; people were aware. They were a couple off and on since around April 1998 until December 1998. She goes missing the following weeks after their break-up in January 1999. It would be the same story if Adnan went missing and his body was found deceased; folks would be looking at Hae.

    But again, let’s look at Time. Adnan stays in jail for the murder of Hae since early March 1999. Since his early March 1999 arrest. Adnan’s first trial is about 8 months later in December 1999. Adnan remains in jail the entire time. In all that time, Adnan, a bright Honors kid who is in the Magnet program in his high school, cannot figure out how to prove he didn’t kill Hae. This should be the easiest, simplest, non-brainer thing in the world for him to prove–if he didn’t kill her. Hae had other close friends. None of them are arrested for her murder. Just Adnan. Think about that. And he has 8 months in jail before his first trial to just focus on proving that he didn’t kill Hae. That’s all he had to do. He doesn’t have to find exactly who killed Hae, all he has to do is just prove Adnan himself didn’t kill Hae. This should be the easiest slam dunk in the history of slam dunks for an honors kid like Adnan who is the ‘golden boy’ in his community. This shouldn’t have to go to trial. 8 months in jail is almost the time for a full human pregnancy to come to term and Adnan spends it all in jail before his first trial, when anything at all could’ve been produced to exonerate him. Keep in mind, the gentleman who found Hae’s body is not a suspect nor put in jail for Hae’s murder. Jay is not jailed for Hae’s murder. Just Adnan. If those 2 random people loosely attached to Hae’s demise aren’t jailed, it should be a relatively easy thing for Adnan to not be in jail. Adnan’s older brother says in a YouTube video when Adnan got arrested in front of him that March 1999, he and their mom started calling lawyers as soon as the morning daybreak came. Don’t forget, don’t law offices, the prosecution, the defense on both sides of the law retain their own private investigators at their respective firms to try to sniff out on the low-low what happened on behalf of their clients? Yet this thing still went to trial in December 1999! Adnan has an older brother, a mosque full of supporters, none of them can find anything to help exonerate Adnan? Which means Adnan’s Own Private Investigators on his side / on his team couldn’t find *anything* either to exonerate him, because it went to trial in 1999. Don’t you pay for that when you get lawyers to back you up? Or if not, why didn’t his family retain private investigators to solve this thing? Isn’t Adnan innocent? Wouldn’t this be worth it to do if Adnan was truly innocent? Isn’t Jay telling outrageous lies that it seems anyone listening to Serial will scream out, ‘Jay is a liar’, but paid defense teams and paid private investigators cannot exonerate Adnan for something so simply binary as murder? Either Adnan murdered Hae or he didn’t. It’s that simple and binary. How did 8 months in jail before trial not help Adnan at all avoid this? In jail, for 8 months Adnan has no immediate distractions, like school or his part-time EMT job, now he can focus on remembering where he was, what happened, etc. Yet, those 8 long months pass and he goes to the first trial in 1999. Eight months!

    Moreover, on Time: the second trial in 2000 lasts for a few weeks. Jay is on the stand for a few days in that 2000 trial, testifying. Adnan sits through all that and Adnan doesn’t take the stand. So, let’s remember again: Adnan spends the first 8 months in jail after being arrested for Hae’s murder, this is before his first trial. First trial in December dissolves after a few days due to Adnan’s laywer outburst in court. So, Adnan remains back in jail. New year comes, it’s the year 2000 now, a new decade, Hae’s body was found in February 1999, it’s been a full year since that, it’s a new millennium, the second trial is now underway in February or so and Adnan sits through the days of Jay’s testimony in this now second trial, and yet Adnan still *does not* testify himself. So, let’s think about that: following Adnan’s March 1999 arrest, he’s been in JAIL. He sits through the first trial in December 1999, goes back to JAIL. Now it’s a full year later, he’s been in jail a solid year, the second new trial is underway and Adnan will NOT testify. What? Why? I don’t care what his feeble reasons are. He now has the best, greatest opportunity to tell the world that ‘Jay is lying’ and, yet, Adnan punts. Adnan would rather stay in JAIL than testify about a slam-dunk that Adnan didn’t kill Hae. Adnan would rather go with ‘Free Adnan’ t-shirts being peddled by his team and for people to wear them t-shirts than for him to actually testify in court. Just think about that.

    Last thing about Time. In March 1999, Adnan is arrested, there is a public memorial for Hae at their high school. Her sport jersey for field hockey is retired by the school in March 1999. There is a tree planted for her in front of the school in her memory and a plaque bearing her name is placed at the foot of said tree. This was all done by mid-March 1999. Adnan by that time had been in jail about 2 weeks. This was years before Serial. Adnan was not allowed to attend this memorial he was in jail by then. That tree is still on campus today. Hae’s plaque is still on the base of that tree today. Hae’s jersey is still retired by the school, today. Not as a result of Serial. All of this was done in March 1999 as Adnan spent his first 2 weeks in jail. Now, I ask you: which public high school do you know would create a public tree memorial for a single student if they were murdered by a mysterious unknown? Or would the school create a public memorial for a single student because said student was betrayed and killed by other fellow students at the same school. Which makes more sense? Hae’s memorial on the campus of their high school has outlived Adnan’s lawyer who died in 2004. This is what I’m talking about with: Time. It’s the year 2022, Hae’s memorial has been on the campus of Woodlawn since 1999–it’s been maintained and cared for by the school. People who attend Woodlawn in the year 2022, the students and the faculty probably all never rubbed elbows directly with Hae. Yet her memorial, her tree is in the front of the school. There’s also an unofficial tree planted for her in the back of the school. So essentially, she has 2 trees for her on-campus. Just a tree for Hae. Not a tree for all victims of senseless violence. Those 2 trees are hers. With all the school shootings in the U.S., you know there are visible memorials for the victims on the high school campuses like Columbine High in Colorado. For those of you who believe Adnan is innocent, why would the school create, support and maintain a single tree for Hae on campus these 23 years if Adnan was not involved. Jay already graduated. Adnan and Hae were the current students.

    Think how many students die during the course of a random school year due to things like illness or accidents. Do they get public memorials that are maintained and cared for by the school for 23 years? Hae’s memorial lives on. This is what I’m talking about with Time. Adnan is still in jail. Despite an HBO special, a popular podcast about him, a best-selling book about him written by Rabia, despite the ‘Free Adnan’ t-shirts and movement, this Adnan who refused to testify in his own trial, who sits in jail today and he still cannot exonerate himself from his tragedy when it should be so simple for him, especially if he didn’t kill Hae…I don’t get it. I don’t get how Adnan acts like this is the most difficult thing in the world. It’s been over a generation now, if a generation is 20 years–any law enforcement that wanted to frame and imprison Adnan 20 years ago, c’mon, it’s been 23 years now, almost a quarter century, now, who’s trying to keep a so-called ‘innocent’ Adnan in jail….for what?

  17. I’m constantly thinking of ways to explain in the simplest thoughts possible, how it’s most likely the case that Adnan is guilty of murding Hae Min Lee. Let’s discuss: Ramadan. (By the way, I’m not Muslim, nor do I know much about its practices.)

    As always, please review the actual 1999 and 2000 court transcripts of Adnan’s trial. Please review and be mindful to what was actually *said in court in 1999 and 2000* versus what has been said on entertainment platforms such as: social media and entities like HBO and YouTube.

    In mid-January 1999, 18-year old Woodlawn High senior, Hae Min Lee suddenly went missing. And she happened to go missing during the final days of Ramadan that year–Ramadan being a month long holiday observed by practicing Muslims, such as Adnan and his family.

    The holy month-long observation of Ramadan is a time of introspection for practicing Muslims. So, on paper, Adnan would be the *worst* random choice for any law enforcement to pick as their murderer for this crime.

    It’s weird to me, how Ramadan doesn’t get much notice in this case. In the Serial podcast about this case, it’s pointed out that many from the Muslim community and from Adnan’s mosque all came to the Baltimore courthouse one day in a large group as the law was trying to decide Adnan’s bail. Some in Adnan’s community put up their homes and donated money to Adnan’s trial, etc. I assume he received such monetary support from his community back then because they believed him to be innocent of this murder. Well, if they felt he was innocent of murdering Hae–yet the abduction and murder occurred during Ramadan, where’s the community’s outrage? Where’s their outrage that a young innocent Muslim in their tribe is not only falsely being accused of murder–but accused of murder during Ramadan, of all days? Remember–*if* Adnan’s innocent. It’s like no one ever discusses the ‘Ramadan aspect’ in this case. Like, if you ask me, Adnan *should have* a solid alibi, if he was innocent of murdering Hae, because, it was Ramadan–he should remember where he was and whatever he was doing during that particular holy month, right? Right? Ramadan comes about once a year. In real life, in real, 3-D life, how does one not remember where they were, or what they were doing during a singled-out month of the year, a month of self-introspection; a holy month of the year when Adnan is supposedly going to mosque more often as well as fasting more often?

    So, I don’t get how Adnan can’t account for 20 minutes to an hour to exonerate him as a suspect on Wednesday, January 13, 1999, the afternoon that Hae goes missing. Think about it–three (3) other gentlemen were exonerated: Don (Hae’s current boyfriend), Mr. S (the man who discovered Hae’s deceased body in the woods) and Jay (the classmate who claims Adnan killed Hae) are not practicing Muslims, yet they were able to exonerate themselves from this murder. But Adnan, the 17-year-old who was reportedly fasting on Wednesday, January 13, 1999 since he observed Ramadan, the same Adnan who claimed he led prayers the following day on January 14, 1999 at his mosque, a day after Hae went missing and was most likely killed, this Adnan who was observing Ramadan 1999 can’t come up with any solid alibi for himself on Wednesday, January 13, 1999 almost 25 years later. How is that in any way possible, I wonder. If he’s attending mosque at night during Ramadan, he shouldn’t be accused of burying a body in Leakin Park around that same nighttime, yet here we are. How is that in any way possible, I ask again. Again, I say, Adnan M. Sayed has to be the *worst* suspect (on paper) in a murder maybe in the history of murders, especially in this particular case. Right?

    Don’t forget, Adnan did not testify during his trial. Where’s his personal outrage that he’s being accused by his local peers, by local law enforcement of murder, heck, of murdering a classmate he’s known since 9th grade in Hae, and accused of murdering this classmate during Ramadan which he observes. If Adnan were innocent, wouldn’t he be downright outraged about this sheer blasphemy all around? It was 1999, before social media, before YouTube, Twitter, Reddit, Instagram, so, one would think, just the buzz on the local streets that a fellow Muslim is accused of murdering a female, non-Muslim classmate during Ramadan, doesn’t anyone think that would garner a huge protest, ire and anger from the Muslim community if he were wrongly accused? Especially without social media back then to post a different opinion?

    I mean, really, can’t we just throw away pretty much everything we personally think about this case and just focus on: Adnan, Hae and Ramadan. And think to ourselves–would someone who observes the holy month of Ramadan, would this same person murder their friend during Ramadan, and then completely not mention anything about “Ramadan”, like ever? They don’t mention how, “It was Ramadan so I’d be doing this or I’d be over at this place.” Instead this person is like “…it was an ordinary day. I could’ve been doing anything at anytime, it was just so ordinary…” Dude! What?

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