Amid times like these, many creatives have found it difficult to work on the projects that bring them the most joy. But that isn’t the case for New York-based rapper Akil B. Strange.

The rapper drops his newest single, “Avenue” today. The introspective song details the musician’s path to success in his artistry. The track inspires others to take control of their own destinies. The song essentially asks listeners: What path are you taking?

Photo: Daquan Harris

Akil B. Strange uses his music to establish his journey as an independent artist. Last year, he released his EP, Strange New York: 12 AM-3 AM with music producer Rodney Hazard. The album is a journey through New York City during the witching hours. The album also included the song, “Hip Hop Is My Religion”, an ode to the culture that raised him.

In addition to his new single, the musician also released a new Spike Lee inspired music video, “Acid Flashbacks.” The video came together in collaboration with Shade & Sass, a Brooklyn-based Black-owned creative agency.

Both songs, although distinct, showcases Akil B. Strange’s artistry. These new tracks uphold his self-proclaimed image as an introspective, stoner rapper.

You can listen to the new single on Spotify.


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