Photo: Tootsie Warhol as the Anti-Trump by Kevin Limiti for BK Reader

Up until six months ago, Tootsie Warhol was working as a lawyer and before that as an assistant district attorney in the Brooklyn Domestic Violence Bureau.

But a fateful meeting with President Donald Trump at Trump Tower on Martin Luther King Day in 2017, shortly after Trump’s victory, eventually would change his life:  

“[That meeting with Donald Trump] made me want to become an artist and an activist,” said Warhol. “It made me want to leave behind a stable career as an attorney … and do something to make a difference.”  

Now, Warhol is running for President of the United States, on the Independent ticket and under the guise and persona of “The Anti-Trump.”

Dressed in a suit, a blonde toupee and donning exaggerated orange makeup, Warhol believes in performance activism as a way of creating change in the meme-friendly internet environment of 2020, “Because in 2016, I casted a vote. It wasn’t enough. It didn’t work,” said Warhol.

Although the Anti-Trump persona is played partially for laughs, Warhol has some serious policy proposals to go along with the humor. He plans, if elected, to appoint Greta Thunberg, the famous young activist against climate change, as head of the Environmental Protection Agency. He also wants gun control activist and Parkland shooting survivor David Hogg to be the head of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms. 

“He’s been in the trenches,” said Warhol of Hogg. “He’s had bullets whizzing over his head, had his backpack shot up and seen his friends die. He could really do a lot.”

Warhol also wants to see independent prosecutors going after police abuse: “The DA and the police are buddies,” said Warhol “They go to lunch together, they go golfing together, and that’s good; it works for the relationship.

“But the one thing it doesn’t work for is prosecuting police misconduct, brutality. It has to be done by someone who’s independent and who’s a pit bull.”

Warhol says that he is considering Stormy Daniels as a possible VP candidate but is still looking.

For his official campaign website, go here. Or follow him on Facebook or Twitter.


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