If there’s one thing the pandemic has taught us, it’s that old habits don’t have to die hard and are, in fact, not often necessary.

Case in point: alternate side of the street parking regulations.

Mayor de Blasio said on Tuesday that beginning Monday, June 29, New Yorkers now will only need to move their vehicles once a week!

Under these new alternate side parking regulations, streets in the five boroughs will be cleaned no more than once a week. Even the mayor acknowledged the previous two-days-a-week regulation was a nuisance, calling it a “super hassle.”

“Alternate side parking has been done the same way for a long, long time,” said de Blasio. “We have to change the status quo.”

For now, the signs will stay. But residents will be able to identify which date is their street-cleaning day by the last day posted on the street’s sign.

For instance, if residents currently need to move their car on Mondays and Thursdays, they will just have to move it on Thursday.

In the meantime, parking rules continue to be suspended through June 28.


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