2020 primaries, primary elections, June 23, Brooklyn, New York City

On Tuesday, June 23, the city will hold a primary election for city, state and federal offices.

If you are enrolled in a party, you may be selecting your party’s candidate for offices such as city council, state assembly, and federal representative.

The Campaign Finance Board offers an online voters guide that covers primary candidates for state offices that represent New York City, and includes links to their websites and social media pages as available.

You can read all about the candidates running in the districts we cover here.

Need more information about how and where to vote? You can find your poll site and view a sample ballot at nyc.pollsitelocator.com.

Stay up-to-date on city elections! Text NYCVOTES to 917-979-6377 to receive text alerts about your elections. Or sign up to receive email alerts from the CFB. Make sure to follow NYC Votes on TwitterInstagram, and Facebook!

Today, June 22, is the last day to apply (in person) for an absentee ballot. And tomorrow, June 23, will be the last day you will be able to postmark an absentee ballot (must be received by city BOE by June 30) or deliver absentee ballot (in person) to your borough’s BOE office

Our city is stronger when everyone votes and when everyone gets counted – you can make a difference! So don’t forget to fill out the Census: https://www.my2020census.gov.

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