BY:  Anthony Beckford, President, Black Lives Matter– Brooklyn

To make things very clear, Black Lives Matter Brooklyn stands with the students and faculty of Medgar Evers College in their fight against injustice, harassment and demand for changes. Black Lives Matter Brooklyn attended the march on June 8, 2020 that started from the Grand Army Plaza Arch in solidarity with students and faculty of Medgar Evers. 

Our demands for justice in the movement is not just due to the modern day lynching of George Floyd and the reoccurring police violence against our people, but for all things that are unjust. The movement advocates in regards to many issues, such as housing, healthcare, education, electoral politics and more.

 When we heard that students have to take classes and what were supposed to be temporary trailers, of students being harassed and intimidated by certain faculty and higher ups if they spoke up, it deeply troubled us. When we heard about the misinformation campaign that some started to try to discredit and silence students and the faculty who advocate for these students, we became angered by this.

These are the tactics that have been used against Black people by the very same racist system that we are fighting against. We condemn these attempts to silence the voices of the people and will continue to stand in solidarity with the students and staff to amplify their demands and voices. If need be, we will bring a mass demonstration against CUNY and those in Medgar Evers who are not standing by his principles and sacrifices.

Medgar Evers is the HBCU of CUNY and the students are to be respected and guided accordingly.

– Black Lives Matter Brooklyn Delegation

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