AFTER TWO months of quarantining and sheltering in, most people like me are beginning to miss the world outside. But until the stay-at-home order is lifted by the state, we all need to sit tight for another two weeks.

Teens, notoriously sensitive and angst-filled creatures, have dealt with quarantine in a variety of ways. Combining their creativity with optimism, teens have shown to be more resilient that you thought!

Baking banana pies is so much fun! said Alice, a middle schooler from Nassau County. While learning new yoga poses, Alice is also trying out new recipes and perfecting her skills at baking.

To her, the pandemic has given her a chance to spend more time with her family while expanding her hobbies.

Im revisiting my childhood by re-watching the Barbie series! said James, a high school junior. Though a long time K-Drama fan, he was able to spend the extra quarantine time getting re-acquainted with his younger self.

Maribel, another high school junior, expressed her love for crocheting, and a plan to start a crocheting club in her school next year.

Though teens have been able to cope in a variety of ways, it has no doubt also been a very frustrating process.

From the guilty joys of finally having a dream-come-true stay-at-home break, to the increasing frustration of the same; from missing the physical torture of climbing the school building, to finally facing the quarantine head to head; it has been a rough ride for everyone.

Not just teens, but people across the globe, everyone’s life is altered. The lost months will never come back. But amidst the chaos going on outside the world, within Washington, and in various communities, we will remain strong.

Teens are still finding ways to stay active and enjoying themselves as they live their time in quarantine.

Im actively engaged in my academics, although to be honest, Im not as productive, I definitely am trying to make the best out of it. Plus, I feel super grateful for what I have. I have no right to complain. said Anna, another New York City high school junior. We can complain and be frustrated with the situation right now, but we can also look at the positive side.

Reassess our position. Arent we grateful for our family, friends, and life we currently have? It may not be perfect. In fact, nothing is! But what else can we do other than stay hopeful? As we remember those that have suffered and are still suffering in this pandemic.

Let us also remain hopeful that good days will come.

Helen Chen, Jr. Editor

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