The Black Womens Blueprint has been working to deliver necessary supplies to women impacted by the coronavirus pandemic.

The Crown Heights organization created the Sistas Van, to aid New Yorkers across all five boroughs, according to News 12.

Coronavirus doesnt just disproportionately affect minorities but pregnant women as well. Hoping to counteract the increasing number of maternal health concerns, the staff has delivered items like diapers, pads, tampons, emergency contraception and bottled water to women in need every Tuesday.

We travel with a crisis intervention team that works on trauma and that can also offer counseling onsite, says Associate Executive Director Sevonna Brown.

Currently, theyve been delivering their services to around 1,000 people each week. The organization has always made a point to focus on the importance of childbirth education, crisis intervention, and information on doulas and midwives.

As the pandemic continues, the organization has had to visit select neighborhoods based on a number of factors.

“We look at where increases in the COVID crisis are but we also look where there are food deserts, where there is food apartheid throughout the community, said Brown.

Yannise Jean

Yannise Jean is a Brooklyn-based writer and editor. Her work has appeared in publications like Okayplayer and Well + Good. Follow her on Twitter @yjeanwrites.

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