The Child Victims Act (CVA), which was enacted last year, is widely lauded for opening up the time frame for victims of child sexual abuse to file lawsuits over claims that were previously barred from court due to the statute of limitations.

Amid the pandemic that has nearly clogged the wheel of justice, state lawmakers are yet to decide on extending a one-year legal window that allowed survivors of child sex abuse to sue over decades-old allegations.

The legal window is set to close in August, but New York’s court system is no longer accepting CVA lawsuits. Since the state’s court system has postponed all non-essential services and the CVA lawsuits were not listed as essential under an order from Lawrence Marks, the state’s chief administrative judge, this has effectively placed a hold on new litigation under the act.

It should be noted that an executive order from Cuomo last month paused the state’s statute of limitations, tolling “any specific time limit for the commencement, filing, or service of any legal action, notice, motion, or other process or proceeding.”

At a press conference, Gov. Andrew Cuomo said the legislative session was effectively over. He then passed the decision up to the Legislature. When the Legislature had the chance to lengthen the look-back window in the state budget review, they took a pass.

According to State Senator Brad Hoylman, D-Manhattan, the state Senate had raised the CVA extension in budget negotiations and that it was discussed. However, he said the extension was rejected at some point.

Hoylman said some people believe the order would apply to the one-year legal window. But he argued that the executive order was not written with the CVA in mind and that even if the order does apply, it could become a legal question that defendants try to use to their advantage in court.

Nonetheless, the Manhattan Democrat agreed that victims deserve more time to file their lawsuits. Cases like these are accessible by the general public on

Although normal business at the capitol has stopped, legislative leaders intend to continue their work in some fashion. An extension from legislators will be appreciated by law firms that have taken on clients with CVA litigations.

For the Marsh Law Firm, which represents about 700 people with potential CVA claims, of which less than a third have sued, the closing window is especially frustrating. This is because a long stay on CVA cases in New York City was lifted in February, just before the crisis struck.

James Marsh, a partner at the firm, said the firm believes that Cuomo’s tolling of statutes of limitations has not been favorable for CVA plaintiffs. Even with lawyer advertising and press coverage of the Act, many potential plaintiffs do not know about the law. Furthermore, the pandemic has been a particularly hard time for victims and has caused them to retreat internally rather than come forward with their stories.

In the meantime, Marsh is worried about the mounting health risks for the firm’s CVA clients who are senior citizens. One client is now deceased and another, who has stage-four cancer, may not live long enough to see justice served.


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  1. I’ve been looking for a lawyer, for this CVA Bill, but too few, like 1%, are only helping victims against family members and not the church.
    If the Bill essentially was for victims, and the majority were NEVER COVERED, then the bill needs to be under review.. again.

    The Pandemic came to disrupt the b.s running congress.. I’m working on a case against rapist cops, for 20 years.. my case is here to change the world, as you know it.. just found a lawyer, thanks ‘Rona.

  2. My aunt is a lawyer, in Dominican Republic, and I used to live w her.. After attending class one day, reading her notes and skimping through her books, I had a “Eureka!” moment, at the tender age of 12 (twelve).. I understood the law for everything it is and has ever.. and then, as an adult, what could be..

    I was sexually assaulted, by cops, in May, Mother’s Day, of 2000.. homeless, and later institutionalized, by the end of that year.. where I was reminded not only of the assault, but slowly of what I had already learned.

    Let me take you further, into the future.. “Better Call Saul”.. what I think was the first episode, which was my only episode.. It shows how Saul, walks into the courthouse, broke, and in need of a job asap.. when he is given one, soon after, it dawned on me: this means that All lawyers have the potential to work for the state.. Therefore, and why, No one has ever taken my case.. even though a fake (Haitian) one ‘took’ it first, and now one in Tallahassee just decided he changed his mind.. probably after the murders of my husband and father..

    Let me take it somewhere else..
    I walk into Miami-Dade Community College.. after telling myself at age 4, that I didn’t like it there, when my mother worked for the Records Dept.. so I’m like, maybe I need to go to school.. and so I’m handed the curriculum.. As it turns out, I didn’t need any schooling, because I just May be one of the smartest people in the world today..
    And so the curriculum shows:

    Business is 3/4 Art and Art is 100% Art,, therefore, EVERYONE in college is expected to BE AN ARTIST.. only I’m the only one that knows this.. since no one else has Ever, defined Art.. and so here it is:

    Art is the interpretation of the truth.

    That’s it.. I’m sure you expected more, but as you May know, “Less is more”.. and in this case, it is exactly that..

    OK, so here’s the rest.. Since everyone in college is Expected, to be an Artist, and Art is just being truthful, then EVERYONE in college, is there to either learn to tell the truth, or continue in their ways.. which can only mean, beyond just implying, that EVERYONE in college is a liar.. simple.

    So here’s my offer/demands.. let me be a speaker.. let me show you what I’ve done, since I have influenced law.. more like they stole my idea(s).. *I’m responsible for getting the 24 HOur Waiting Period, for Abortions.. I pointed out how they broke the law.. you May want to hear this.. cuz I’m here to ‘influence’ law again.. and again.. and again.. when I show how every professional is a liar, and MUST BE UNDER REVIEW.

    Look, here’s the dilly yo.. I found evidence that shows a cop snitched on those rapist cops, since 20 were lined up, as I ran away from rape #3 & 4.. which means my case becomes a Civil case, again, even after 21 years.. and w that I plan to “ride the wave”, til “the wheels fall off”.. feel me?!.. books coming soon.. looking for the movie rights..

    So who’s ready for a lecture full of surprises.. I’m gonna throw in a few Supernatural things too.. oo.

    I’m not a lawyer.. but I’ve helped every lawyer, in my 20 years of court.. I’ve been a rebel along the way.. but now, as it turns out, I’m here to show that I was no such thing.. but that all of you are the culprits.. lets see what I have to say..


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