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Everyone has a list of activities they have in their bucket list; whether they have seen others engage in them or they dream about being able to do them. Sometimes fulfilling the activities on your bucket list requires extensive travel but in some instances, it just calls for courage.

If you are traveling to Montreal, whether it is your first time or you have been there before, there are tons of activities that will make your trip worthwhile. Do you have enough time to empty your bucket list on a single trip? Well, there are so many routes and modes of transport that will take you from Brooklyn to Montreal without breaking the bank – and all worthwhile.

The following list favors the foodies and those who love to sample beer brewed in different parts of the world;

Feast on a St-Viateur bagel inside the bag

You will get the best experience if you eat the bagel inside Fairmount Bagel or the other way around. These two institutions offer bagels that are guaranteed to win the hearts of all who try them. Actually, those who believe that bagels from New York are good should give these a chance to proof that theory wrong. The only way to win over this argument is to treat them to sweet bagel treats.

Have some chilling out wine drinking time at Parc La Fontaine

You have not experienced the heart of Montreal if you do not make time to enjoy the sun doing nothing other than sipping on wine. The best place to enjoy this pleasure is the park (top on the list is Parc La Fontaine, followed by Parc Laurier and then Parc Maisonneuve). While the main activity here will be drinking, you should essentially bring some food with you – the unspoken picnic rule.

Eat a sandwich from the side streets

There is no doubt that St. Laurent Blvd has some of the most popular sandwich stops in Montreal but that is where everybody goes. The real sandwich experience happens in places like Snowdon Deli, like Reuben’s, Smoked Meat Pete and Jarry Smoked Meat. All these delis are beyond St. Laurent but the smoked meat they offer is simply delicious.

Grab a beer at the Bell Center in a Habs Game

The beer part is nothing like the opportunity to sit with other beer takers. Are you the shy type who does not make friends easily? Well, the Bell Center is probably the easiest socializing scene on the planet. This is the only place where the agenda is guaranteed – beer drinkers complain all the time about how expensive the beer is. They still continue to buy it though.

Make your own food from supplies bought from Jean-Talon Market

If cooking is your thing, then you have so much to appreciate of the Montreal food scene apart from the many restaurants. Jean-Talon Market offers a diverse range of products that will aid you in preparing any local meal from scratch. You can even get a few tips from the vendors on the best way to prepare the ingredients.

Enjoy a poutine at 4 am at the La Banquise

It is not every day that you get the opportunity to wake up at 4 am just to indulge. The La Banquise is operated 24 hours and one of the ready items on the menu is the poutiness. The wee hours of the morning offer not only eerie peace and quiet but also a dose of night owl sounds and partiers.

Take part in a beer fest

Mondial de la bière is the annual beer festival of Montreal. There is nothing like too much beer here so let your guard down and enjoy. Whatever taste you have in beer, this festival is the only forum you can get it in plenty.

Catch your own fish

It is quite fulfilling to be able to catch your own food from nature. You are not only guaranteed that it is fresh but you get to experience all the stages it undergoes before it can be ready for consumption. The ice fishing village offers such an experience which is most enjoyable over winter.

Give your sweet tooth a treat

The destination to make this happen is Juliette Chocolate which is home to the most famous chocolatier in the city. Freshly made chocolate can be sampled here as well as unique chocolate designs that cannot be found anywhere else.

Be a part of the food truck festival

Also known as first Fridays, the event happens on every first Friday of the month and runs from May to October. More than 40 food trucks converge at the stadium for a night of food and live music.

If you are traveling to Canada for the first time, you definitely need to equip yourself with a visa way before your travel. Application for the ETA visa is done online making the process a whole lot easier. Those who hold dual citizenship, one of which is Canadian need to know that all they need to travel into Canada is their valid Canadian passport. Further information is available on the subject.


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