It’s not just a New York thing: Retail businesses, big and small, are struggling around the country to keep their doors open. 

But for the Fulton Area Business Alliance (FAB FULTON) and its Business Improvement District–  a district that is 1.4 miles in length along Fulton Street in Fort Green Clinton Hill, encompassing 425 businesses and property owners– the story is a little different:

10 Years of Major Business Improvements

Photo: Courtesy FAB Fulton

Their efforts over the past decade have helped reduced the storefront vacancy rate from 12 percent in 2009 to 7 percent in 2019, which is nearly 2 points lower than the citywide average for business districts. 

Over the past 10 years, FAB FULTON helped secure more than $9 million in grants, sponsorships, and in-kind support for the construction of new public spaces at Fowler Square, Putnam Triangle, 7-Corners, and Gateway Triangle.

Since FAB FULTON was founded, 76,999 hours have been logged by its supplemental sanitation crew, 8,455 instances of graffiti removed, 125 bike racks and 41 light-pole banners installed, 45 trees planted, and more than 30,922 people have been reached with the organization’s marketing materials. 

“Through our network of 76 BIDs across the five boroughs, we know that communities thrive when they come together,” says Gregg Bishop, Commissioner of the New York City Department of Small Business Services. “For ten fabulous years, FAB FULTON has been helping to build a stronger neighborhood by supporting local businesses and creating opportunities and a welcoming environment for residents, merchants, and visitors.” 

A Report, a New Website and a Tour

FAB celebrated its 10-year-anniversary on December 11 with a special tour of the area by Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams, led by FAB FULTON’s Executive Director, Phillip Kellogg.

The tour began at Greenlight Bookstore in Fort Greene, where President Adams presented FAB FULTON Kellogg with a proclamation. The tour continued to the iconic bar and restaurant, Brooklyn Moon and also made a stop to Levels Barbershop in Clinton Hill.

FAB FULTON issued a report highlighting all of the past improvements and upcoming changes. It also accomplishments and launched a redesign of its website.

Gregg Bishop (center), SBS Executive Director talks with participants of a Farmer’s Market along the Fulton St BID

The Executive Director Steps Down

Following the day-long celebration, FAB Fulton’s E.D. Kellogg announced he was stepping down from his role:

“I am extremely proud of all we have accomplished this past decade, especially our advocacy work to support the merchants in our district and the creation of many new vibrant public spaces,” said Kellogg.

“We have established a strong organization with dedicated partners that has achieved great success in many areas. From clean and safe streets to tree lined pedestrian plazas with benches and bike racks, no job was too large or small for us if it could help the community we serve. 

“I look forward to ensuring a seamless transition and to watching the neighborhood continue to thrive under new leadership.” 

The FAB FULTON Board of Directors currently is undergoing a search for a successor to Phillip Kellogg.

“We appreciate and applaud Phillip for his extraordinary leadership over the past 10 years,” says Max Nager, Secretary of the FAB FULTON Board of Directors.

“His vision, tenacity, and dedication were the forces behind all of these great achievements, which will have a lasting impact on the district for decades to come. We are grateful that he positioned the organization for more success in the future and we will work to find a successor that shares his passion for this important work.”

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