By Maggie White, a CYA Blogger

Question: If you could live in any climate, would you choose one that is typically warm all-year-long or one that has a variety of seasons?

If you’re like me, you enjoy experiencing the exhilarating beauty of white landscapes and revel each spring at how new pale green leaves fill the trees. In summer, you savor the soothing sun on your skin as you sit for hours before a lively ocean and then when autumn arrives, you happily welcome the crisp air on your face during long evening walks. Sure, you find yourself needing to switch seasonal gears every four months, but that’s ok. As long as you are on top of your game, this cycle is refreshing and joyful.

As the fall approaches, and the days shift back and forth from warm to cool, you’re probably looking at your backyard and wondering which day to schedule to store your outdoor furniture. There are the tables and the chairs. The cushions. The lounges. The hammock. Ah, and that rattan swinging seat your spouse insisted on buying last year.

What to Know About Storing Outdoor Furniture 

Whether you live on the east or west coast or somewhere in between, make it your business to clean your furniture once a while. Take the hose, mild soap, and some cotton towels and give each piece a bath. This may even be a fun task to give over to your kids. No, there are no laws against this type of labor (yet.)

Wood, teak, and other natural materials won’t do well under icy rain, snow, and wet winds blowing debris left and right. So, either bring them inside your garage or basement or consider purchasing a shed. Another option is to use water-resistant covers such as those from Ravenna.

Furniture made of marine-grade polymer, synthetic wicker, aluminum, or steel is more resistant to the elements, but it’s still important to remove them from the harsh elements or use weatherproof covers made especially for each item.

And now for your hammock. Take a book, settle in, read a chapter, swing a bit this way and that, and then, get up, and start removing the ropes from the trees. If you want your Jamaican, crocheted beauty to live a good long life, don’t abandon it all winter long. Yes, I know it took you a very long time to make those knots.

While we’re at it, make sure to take care of your barbecue. Store it indoors or use a weatherproof covering. Rust doesn’t count as a condiment.

Lastly, part of the protection process is getting a CYA patio furniture warranty. This way, if something does break, you’ll be treated to the best service. Cover Your Assets provides patient and polite service and makes sure that all of your items get fixed by an authorized repair person, one that was specially trained to fix that specific product. All parts used are OEM, meaning, Original Equipment Manufacturer parts.

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