Now in its seventh year, African Restaurant Week kicked off on October 4, in 20 participating restaurants across New York City.

The festival’s moniker says “week,” but it’s actually two weeks, concluding on Sunday, October 20, with more events, food and wine tastings, celebrity chefs, food demonstrations, and great food from all corners of the great continent.


Don’t forget: Africa’s an enormous continent with . Although not all will be represented, you’ll have a chance to sample a wide variety of cuisines, from north, south , east and west– from comfort food, to fine dining to village favorites to small bites.

It’s like taking a foodie hop across the continent for a fraction of the price

Specially prepared pri-fix menus and to the backdrop of live music in some places.


“Coming from Africa to the US 20 years ago, I was missing the traditional dishes from my Mother’s kitchen, and then I found a few African Restaurants here in New York and felt like I had a taste of home,” said African Restaurant Week Founder Akin Akinsanya, who is from Nigeria.

“I had an idea that many people in New York would find the dishes from Africa, surprising on many levels. The various flavors, that come together and each country, each region of the continent will bring their own spin their own “touch” to each dish“.


$15 – General admission – Experience live performances from various parts of the continent, music by top DJs, cooking demos, photo booth pictures, sponsored giveaway competitions, and more

$25 – Experience all of the above and get 2 meal tastings

$40 – Experience all of the above and get 6 meal tastings

$50 – Experience all of the above and get 10 meal tastings

Each additional tasting costs $5

  • You may purchase your food voucher online here or at the restaurant.
  • Each voucher gets you a three-course meal or dishes at reduced prices at participating restaurants.
  • Each participating restaurant will host one or more curated events during NYARW.


Here are the participating restaurants in Brooklyn:

Bunna Cafe, 1084 Flushing Ave | Cuisine: Ethiopian

Buka, 946 Fulton St | Cuisine: Nigerian

Brooklyn Suya, 717 Franklin Ave | Cuisine: Nigerian

Le Succulent, 291 5th Ave | Cuisine: Senegalese

Kombit, 279 Flatbush Ave | Cuisine: Haitian

Le Paris Dakar, 563 Nostrand Ave | Cuisine: Senegalese

For the full list across NYC, go here.

Brooklyn Suya

The NYARW Festival will be on Saturday, October 12, from 12:00pm – 9:00pm at Mist Harlem, 46 West 116th St on Saturday, featuring celebrity chefs, food demonstrations, wine and food tastings, art, top Afrobeat DJs, dancing, and some performances.


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