Veggie Castle is returning to Brooklyn this Labor Day!
Veggie Castle is returning to Brooklyn this Labor Day! Photo credit: Veggie Castle / IG

One of the best vegan restaurants in New York, according to Time Out, is returning to the place where it all began: Brooklyn.

Veggie Castle, which first launched in 1998 in Flatbush, is slated to open a third outpost at 2085 Flatbush Avenue this Labor Day, joining a second restaurant in South Jamaica, Queens. 

“After many requests, we have decided to return to Brooklyn, our original home,” the eatery announced on social media. “We are looking to open in September, hopefully Labor Day weekend!”

Lovingly dubbed Mini Veggie Castle,” the new spot will be smaller than the Queens location. But owner Viburt Bernard’s Caribbean fare will certainly continue to delight the Castles loyal following of plant-focused diners and carnivores alike with its impressive veggie buffet, veggie patties, veggie burgers, sandwiches, fries and mac n cheese as well as a juice and smoothie bar.

Veggie Castle is returning to Brooklyn this Labor Day!
Veggie Castle has gained a loyal following for its opulent, all plant-based buffet. Photo credit: Veggie Castle / IG

Twenty years ago, Bernard’s mother planted the idea in his head to launch a vegetarian-friendly eatery in Flatbush. He found a derelict White Castle in the neighborhood and converted it into “Veggie Castle,” with the hope to attract local Rastafarians who traditionally follow an ital diet, a natural and plant-based lifestyle as part of their spiritual practice. 

But Veggie Castle isn’t just something for Rastafarians, said Bernard to Time Out. Our restaurant is for people from all walks of life that want to enjoy something special and health. We’re excited to return to Brooklyn where so many of our customers already live.

Stay tuned for Veggie Castle’s grand return to Kings County next opening!

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