A new immersive mixed-media sculpture installation by Brooklyn artist Ronen Gamil is making its debut this Saturday at FiveMyles Gallery in Crown Heights. Titled “Condo Conundrum,” the installation features 24 tents constructed of flattened aluminum cans, making reference to the mass homelessness in urban environments.

“We are currently in the midst of the most severe homelessness crisis since the Great Depression, 74 percent higher than ten years ago,” said Gamil. “By enmeshing signifiers of both homelessness and excess, Condo Conundrum engages viewers in the connectedness between mass homelessness and real estate trends.”

Composed of contrasting materials and repetitive patterns, the tents highlight the intimate connection between the insufficient supply of affordable housing as a cause of mass homelessness and the prevalence of newly-built luxury-unit developments that emerge all over New York City. Condo Conundrum creates a space that is both disturbing and intriguing to engage the viewer in the complexity — the conundrum — of these dynamics.

In his work, Gamil has focused on creating immersive, contemplative experiences that engage viewers in complex issues of class inequity and underrepresented groups, urban sociopolitical problems and the global environmental context of habitat for humans, wildlife and plants. Here thereby utilizes diverse media including installation, landscape design, sculpture, furniture-making, digital drawing and printmaking. Most recently, Gamil’s installations have been displayed at Socrates Sculpture Park in Queens.

Condo Conundrum opens on Saturday, August 10 at FiveMyles Gallery.

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