This weekend, Council Member Robert E. Cornegy, Jr. is initiating a partnership between sharing economy, app-based businesses like Citibike and Zipcar and local brick-and-mortar businesses to show how the different enterprises can benefit each other — and the local economy.

During the “Sharing Economy Weekend,” from Friday, June 28 through Sunday, June 30, Brooklynites can receive free and discounted rides from tech partners including Lyft and e-moped rideshare Revel, to over 25 participating local small businesses, which will then offer discounts on goods and services to patrons with receipt of transport from the app-based partners. Cultural institutions like Weeksville Heritage Center and the Brooklyn Children’s Museum will also serve as community partners for the weekend.

The goal, said Cornegy, is to create an ecosystem where the sharing economy app-based companies help contribute to local small businesses and thereby foster greater financial independence for the local economy.

“To me, the sharing economy is a way to bridge the gap between app-based or platform-based business and brick-and-mortar business, and creating an ecosystem where everyone can benefit,” he said. “I believe as policymakers, it is our duty to find ways to ensure our communities benefit from technological advancements like the sharing economy, and that is exactly what this weekend is all about.”

Cornegy is initiating a partnership between sharing economy businesses like Lyft, and local small businesses to show how they can benefit from each other.

On Saturday, Cornegy will also gather participating businesses and partners at Bed-Stuy Restoration Plaza for a “Sharing Economy Expo,” where local residents will be able to sign-up for subscriptions with app-based companies while enjoying refreshments and musical performances by Dot Cromwell and DioMara.

For the councilman, this weekend is a continuation of previous efforts to bolster his district’s economy. In 2015, he partnered with Uber and several local businesses to sponsor cross-promotions that demonstrate the potential of marrying shared economy, app-based businesses with brick-and-mortar shops. And earlier this year, Cornegy was invited to deliver a lecture at MIT on the topic of the sharing economy and the value of building these linkages.

To register for the Sharing Economy Expo on Saturday, June 29, 11:00am – 3:00pm, at Restoration Plaza, go here

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