The Brownsville Neighborhood Health Action Center’s Resident Action Committee is launching a new community storytelling project to amplify the voices of Brownsville and East New York residents.

The community video series, titled “East Brooklyn Voices,” aims to create a compelling documentary centered on health and wellness, presented through the lens of local residents through written submissions, pictures, audio and video interviews.

The project’s goal is to empower East Brooklyn residents by giving them ownership of their own stories and getting them involved in the creative process. The stories, Elana Martins, health coordinator at the Brownsville Neighborhood Health Action Center is sure, are worth telling and will certainly resonate with communities beyond East Brooklyn, she said.

“Engaging someone in a creative process is not only compelling, but it gives you ownership of your narrative,” said Martins. “If you are invested and engaged in creating the story, then the story is engaging to the community that created it since the audience and the creators are one.”

The project shares local stories on health and wellbeing and empowers East Brooklyn residents to take ownership of the narrative
Brownsville Neighborhood Health Action Center. Photo: Google Maps

Once the video series is complete, the Brownsville Neighborhood Health Action Center will host a series of viewing parties to share the stories with the community-at-large. 

Founded in 2002, the Brownsville Neighborhood Health Action Center is part of the City’s effort to promote health equity and reduce health disparities in the neighborhood. The center hosts a variety of programs and activities focused on the health and wellness of Brownsville residents and connects them to a wide range of primary care services.

East Brooklyn community members interested in participating in the project can share their stories online until May 31. Brownsville residents can submit their information using this link, while East New Yorkers can share their information here.

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