The eagle has landed!

The long-awaited Citi Bike expansion into Bushwick has finally begun this week with the NYC Department of Transportation now revealing where the docking stations actually can be found, reports Gothamist.

First stations were already spotted on Wilson, Jefferson and Irving Avenues, with a dozen more planned for the neighborhood. According to a DOT draft plan, the planned locations seem to spread along the L train corridor, with additional roadbed and sidewalk stations on Irving, Knickerbocker, Wilson and Central Avenues, between Myrtle and Flushing Avenues.

It is official: the first docking stations have arrived in Bushwick and the DOT has now revealed their locations
The DOT draft plan with the planned Citi Bike docking stations in Bushwick and East Williamsburg.

In total, there will be 25 new docking stations in Bushwick and East Williamsburg, providing 579 docking points, as Citi Bike announced yesterday.

“Citi Bike has arrived in Bushwick,” the bike sharing company tweeted. “Over the next few weeks, 25 new stations will be installed throughout this neighborhood. Thanks to , & for helping us expand bike share access in Brooklyn— just in time for riding season!”

The expansion was part of the MTA’s initial mitigation plan for the L train shutdown. But since Governor Andrew Cuomo averted the potential transportation crisis and turned it into to a partial nights-and-weekends shutdown, details have been shrouded in mystery.

Fortunately, the initial commitment to expand Citi Bike into Bushwick is now being realized, just in time for the beginning of the L train service changes and the reconstruction of the Canarsie Tunnel.

Just last November, the city announced that Citi Bike will invest $100 million for a massive, 35-square-mile expansion to double its coverage area and expand its discounted memberships for low-income New Yorkers over the next five years. The specific coverage area will be determined in the coming months with the community input of the selected areas, officials said.

Hopes are that Citi Bike will also find its way into underserved neighborhoods like East New York and Flatbush that could greatly benefit from additional affordable transportation options.


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