Citi Bike

The long-awaited Citi Bike expansion into Bushwick will finally be happening by the end of April, the NYC Department of Transportation announced. 

Citi Bike will add 19 new docking stations along the L train corridor, with the majority of those expected to come to Bushwick — in addition to previously planned valet and temporary stations, Gothamist reports.

The expansion was part of the MTA’s initial mitigation plan for the L train shutdown. But since Governor Andrew Cuomo averted the potential transportation crisis and turned it into to a partial nights-and-weekends shutdown, — scheduled to begin later this month — details have been shrouded in mystery.

Just last November, the city announced that Citi Bike will invest $100 million for a massive expansion to double its coverage area and expand its discounted memberships for low-income New Yorkers over the next five years. According to that new agreement, the bike-sharing company will more than triple in size to nearly 40,000 bicycles and expand by 35 square miles over five years, more than doubling the size of the current service area. The specific coverage area will be determined in the coming months with the community input of the selected areas, announced Mayor Bill de Blasio in November.

Specifics about where and exactly how many new docking stations in Bushwick will be available, and when they will arrive, remain under wraps. Beyond the 19 new L train corridor docks, the DOT hopes to install additional stations in L train affected areas by the summer, a DOT spokesperson said.

In addition, Citi Bike also revealed plans to roll out 4,000 electric bikes over the coming months. Beginning April 27, the pedal-assisted bikes will be available for an extra $2 per ride for members. 

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