BK Reader has made another rotation around the sun, completing its 5th birthday on December 16, 2018!

Yes, that’s just kindergarten age in human years, but in business years, it can feel like a lifetime! In this past year alone, so much as happened on both the national and international stages.

We’ve seen the end of the Keystone XL pipeline, a victory for the coalition of environmental and Indigenous groups that have been opposing the pipeline for years; we’ve witnessed the environmental impact and human devastation of one of the worst forest fires in California’s history; while the heat has been turned up on Mueller’s FBI investigation into Trump.

In Congress, following the midterm elections, the House of Representatives gained a record-number of progressive and diverse new members. And despite the loss of national icons such as Nancy Wilson, Aretha Franklin, Tom Wolfe, Anthony Bourdaine, Winnie Mandela, Stan Lee, Kate Spade, George Bush, Sr. and many more; we’ve also seen the birth and mobilization of young, bright voters fighting who are speaking up in the fight for social justice and tougher gun laws, sparked in part by the The Parkland school shooting.

While the country was going through all of these changes, Brooklyn has had a few bumps, bruises and victories of its own! If you didnt happened to catch some of these headlines when they were first published, here is a look back at BK Reader’s top-10 popular stories of 2018 (with #1 being the most popular), including a few of our editor’s picks.

#10 How a 27-Year-Old Brooklynite Built a $500K Company

#9 JACK Brooklyn, a Clinton Hill Arts Space Pushing for a Diverse, Equal Community

#8 We Are Here For the Community, Says Bklyns First Marijuana Dispensary

#7 NYCs First Senior Housing for LGBT to Open in Fort Greene

#6 Local Voices: Controversial H&M Ad Follows Stores History with Racism and Human Rights Abuses

#5 21-Year-Old Brooklynite Opens Vegan Food Spot to Make Wellness Accessible to Everyone

#4 Study: Bed-Stuy, Crown Heights Listed Among the Nations Most Gentrified Areas

#3 NY Pilot Program Expands Medicaid to Cover Doula Services in Brooklyn

#2 NYC Opt Out Wants Students to Say No! to State Exams

#1 Brooklyn Museum Welcomes Two New Curators for Photography and African Art

Editor’s Picks: 

1. Watch What Happens When Two Very Different Bed-Stuy Entrepreneurs Team Up (Things Go a Little Viral) 

2. This Virtual Reality Video Game Shows You the Real Brownsville3. The Octavia Project: Fueling Young, Non-binary Womens Dreams with Sci-Fi, STEM and Arts

4. Beyond Veganism Bed-Stuy Health Activists Share Their Journey to Alkaline Wellness

5. This Bushwick Compost Service is Powered by Bikes and Youth

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