According to a new study released by Auto Insurance Center, the Atlantic Avenue-Barclays Center stop is among the most dangerous subway stations in New York City.

The study, based on 2017 crime data accessible through NYC’s OpenData portal, identified which crimes occur most often, which stations experience the most illegal activity, both inside and outside of the turnstiles, as well as which subway lines witness the most crimes on a daily basis. 

With 344 reported crimes surrounding the subway station, but none reported within the station itself, Atlantic Avenue-Barclays Center topped the list, followed by Manhattan’s Port Authority with 330 reported incidents.

Other Brooklyn stops that saw increased criminal activity include Jay Street – MetroTech with 229 cases, Hoyt Street with 179 and Borough Hall with 113 incidents.


Among the crimes committed in NYC subway station, theft was the most frequent, followed by what the study labeled as criminal mischief which includes graffiti or other forms of property damage. Assault and harassment also seem quite common: New York straphangers reported more than 1,000 cases of second-degree harassment such as showing, kicking or following a person, as well as verbal attacks. Sex crimes like groping were reported 651 times, which the study attributes to increasingly crowded trains that offer more opportunity for inappropriate touching. 

The study further revealed that many of the stops with the highest rates of crime are also some of the busiest transportation hubs across the city, and — good news for Brooklynites — they were all found in Manhattan.

The study concluded with a few common sense safety recommendations: Always remain mindful of your surroundings, no matter where you’re traveling; hold on to your valuables at all times and if you feel anxious about riding late at night, try getting into the car with the conductor. And if you’re waiting on an empty platform, try standing in a well-lit area visible to MTA employees.

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