Its important to stay out of your way (your head) and meet people.

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It is 2017. I just finished speaking, and people are introducing themselves and thanking me. You changed the energy in the room. I would love to speak with you. Do you have a card? People want my attention. Im being pulled in many directions. I love it. I know some people fear public speaking.

Theres one lady that stuck out in high definition. My mind immediately went rogue, aka judgment. She didnt seem approachable. Truth is, she doesnt have to be. Regardless, I introduce myself to her. We exchange details and promise to connect. We agreed to do a Zoom video conferencing call.

Zoom was awkward at first, but then it became comfortable as we talked. We asked and answered questions. We got comfortable and laughed. She asked me if Id heard of NAWBO. I had not. Google is my best friend. She said it was NAWBO, the National Association of Women Business Owners, and shed love to have me on the board. Sure, I said. My one caveat: NAWBO had to be diverse. A year later, I sit on the board of NAWBO, a fantastic organization set up to empower women. With NAWBO, my creativity is unabashedly unleashed.

Im sharing this story because its important to stay out of your way (your head) and meet people. What you and I think about someone is immaterial. Noticing and pushing past your judgments is essential.

Consider how many people you didnt speak to because of an opinion? Opinions are the gap between your dreams and goals fulfilled. Do you want to fulfill your goals and dreams? Id like to request three things:

  • Check your fear, doubt, judgments and opinion at the door.
  • Make contact. Get curious. Spot someone. Make eye contact. Share a smile.
  • Begin a conversation. Say hello.

Live Life Your Way.

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Noreen Sumpter

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