Don't 4 Get Me hosted a Community Baby Shower for expecting teens.
Photo courtesy Don't 4 Get Me

The Community Baby Shower provided expecting teen mothers with essentials such as diapers and bottles, as well as information and emotional support from guest speakers.

Don't 4 Get Me hosted a Community Baby Shower for expecting teens.
Photo courtesy Don’t 4 Get Me

Brooklyn-based nonprofit Dont 4 Get Me hosted a Community Baby Shower at P.S. 5 Dr.Ronald McNair School in Bedford Stuyvesant on Saturday, June 30. The baby shower invited homeless, pregnant teen mothers to provide them with resources and information to prepare them for delivery and motherhood.

Community Baby Shower provided teen mothers with essential basics like diapers and bottles.
Photo courtesy Don’t 4 Get Me.

The event offered essential items such as such as bottles, pampers and wipes as well as workshops on topics like labor, delivery, breastfeeding and postpartum care. Local OB-GYN Dr. Kayana Wade provided additional useful information to the expecting mothers.

Dont 4 Get Me- founder Simone Goss was extremely happy about the turnout of the Community Baby Shower. 

Once a single teen parent in foster care, Goss founded Dont 4 Get Me to help teen moms who are often plagued with single parenthood, poverty, incomplete education, domestic violence, low self-esteem and depression. Her organization, Don’t 4Get Me, is committed to empowering and motivating teen moms to reach their full potential as mothers, women and tomorrow’s future leaders. Year-round the nonprofit organizes clothing drives, “Dress for Success” workshops and other events like Saturdays baby shower.

Not only did this event allow local teenage mothers to see how compassionate their communal support system is, but they were provided with the important tools to grow from a statistic to success, said Goss.

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