Call Cowasji, Mushfica Masud
Jall Cowasji (right) and Mushfica Masud (left).

The two Brooklyn filmmakers were among the ten finalists chosen from 1,000 students who submitted their works.

Call Cowasji, Mushfica Masud
Jall Cowasji (right) and Mushfica Masud (left). Photo courtesy Nikon Storytellers Scholarship.

Two young Brooklyn filmmakers were among the ten recipients of the inaugural Nikon Storytellers Scholarship program. Out of 1,000 submissions from students across the United States and Canada, Brooklyn students Jall Cowaski and Mushfica Musad’s academic performance and creative portfolio submission stood out to a panel of judges, awarding them each $10,000.

After seeing the amazing response to this program from talented students, we are confident that the field of visual arts will continue to grow into the future, said Jay Vannatter, executive vice president of Nikon Inc. By providing these ten deserving recipients with academic scholarships, we can empower new generations to innovate through storytelling and content creation.

The newly initiated Nikon Storytellers Scholarship recognizes students that are making advances in creative content production, in celebration of the next generation of visual storytellers — just like Jall Cowasji and Mushfica Masud.

Cowasji is a third-year student at NYUs Tisch School of The Arts, where he recently served as a graduate assistant. Under the tutelage of legendary cinematographers like Fred Elmes, Sandi Sissell and Peter Deming, he has continuously cultivated his love for cinematography. Cowasji most recently wore both writer-director and cinematographer hats on Man of The House, a short film about a father warring against his unruly child, which premiered at the 2017 Austin Film Festival and where it was nominated for best student short film.

Mushfica Masud is an up-and-coming filmmaker who recently received her BFA in Film Production at Brooklyn College. Masud, who plans to dive head-first into the film industry in order to continue her career and passion, is now pursuing a masters degree in film at Feirstein Graduate School of Cinema. 

Visual arts is an ideal medium for story-telling, said Masud. I hope to wow audiences by entertaining them in ways that astound the senses.

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