Cume Dance
Photo courtesy Cumbe Dance

Still undecided about summer for your child? We’ve got at least 5 reasons summer in Cumbe’s Dance, Drum & Imagination Summer Camp is super fulfilling!

Cume Dance
Photo courtesy Cumbe Dance

1. Our campers are immersed into a beautiful variety of cultures from Africa and the Diaspora through dynamic experiential learning 

2. Through art, play and imagination, our campers learn more about themselves and their diverse new camp friends!

3. Our campers enjoy learning new dance moves that help them embrace the beauty of the world around them and build their confidence! 

4. Our campers create elaborate costumes and beautiful, functional instruments they get to take home and share with friends and family

5. Our camp teachers are experienced and highly qualified to take your child on this fantastic journey through the African Diaspora


Summer Camp Schedule

Hakuna Matata: Kings, Lions and Other African Wonders

From July 9 – July 20, campers will immerse themselves in different African cultures through drum & song, dance, stories, games, dioramas, mask making and other crafts.


Singing Frogs and Talking Fish: Diving through the Caribbean Sea 

From July 23 – August 3, through drum & song, games, stories, food, steel-drum making and other crafts, young explorers will learn about Haiti, Puerto Rico, Trinidad and other Caribbean locales.


Visit our website for more information and to enroll your family! We hope you’ll join us!

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