Pop-up gender-neutral barbershop
Photo credit: You & Sundry

Its time barbering industry adapts, thought Kim Goulbourne, founder of You & Sundry, a Brooklyn-based barbershop that caters to the needs of the LGBTQ+ community.

Pop-up gender-neutral barbershop
Photo credit: You & Sundry

When Kim Goulbourne couldnt find a barbershop that suited her needs, she decided to create her own. On June 17, she opened You & Sundry, a pop-up barbershop located at 396 Atlantic Avenue in Brooklyn, where everyone, regardless of gender identity or expression, has the same barbershop experience.

“Women and those within the LGBTQ+ community haven’t had the best experiences in barbershops. We are changing that, stated Goulbourne. You & Sundry is a safe space where anyone, lesbian, gay, bi, queer, trans, nonbinary, women or men can get their hair cut, no matter their gender identity or expression.

You & Sundry Barbershop
Kim Goulbourne. Photo credit: American Salon

As a person of color who identifies as queer and whose desired hairstyle may not match societys traditional gender norms, Goulbourne had a difficult time finding a barber with the proper experience and sensitivity to her needs. And she has heard similar stories of hardships from her clientele. Most of the complaints stem from a perspective of, Well, youll probably look too gay with that haircut, said Goulbourne to American Salon.

The goal of You & Sundry is to is provide a comfortable experience for confident clients. The shops stylists and barbers are all from various LGBTQ+ and ethnic backgrounds and have experience working with clients from diverse backgrounds and identities.

To complement the fresh haircut with a new outfit, You & Sundry also made room for an apparel section that caters to an LGBTQ+ following and features brands such as Kirrin Finch, a menswear-inspired clothing line designed to fit a range of female bodies.

Goulbourne hopes more salons and barbershops will recognize this specific needs of her clientele. Be cognizant of them, welcome them with open arms, genuinely listen to what they want, and respect their background and choices, Goulbourne says. Only good can come from that.

The pop-up barbershop You & Sundry will be open for business until July 14, and, hopefully, will find a new, permanent home after that.

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