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Body By Brooklyn is a local hidden gem that offers a full-service spa, a restaurant, a full bar and now co-working space!

Body by Brooklyn

“Psst, did you know? …”

There’s a swanky-yet-affordable little spa in Clinton Hill, Body by Brooklyn, that just may be one of Brooklyn’s best kept secrets? I say “secret” because you’ve probably passed the location at 275 Park Ave (on the corner of Waverly Avenue) several dozen times without realizing: The outside of the location is quite unassuming.

However inside, there’s a vibrant ecosystem, a community of spa-goers walking around in flip flops and plush white robes living their best life right under your nose. You’ll miss the location if it is not your destination, and to be honest, most of its patrons could probably care less if you never found out.

Like most of the older buildings in that area, the venue was once a factory– one that produced and distributed
Tootsie Rolls! In 1996, real estate developer Alex Goldin and his wife Mira purchased the deserted chocolate factory and converted it into the first luxury loft apartment rentals in the area.

“It was a neighborhood not like it is now. It was completely bare. There was no place for people to get together, no bars, restaurants or spas,” said Mira. “So I felt it would be a great idea to open a spa with a bar.”

Body by Brooklyn Owner Mira Goldin relaxes in the restaurant area of the lounge

Mira then tapped architect Moon Kim to help build out a spa and lounge on the ground floor of the condo building. In April 2006, Body by Brooklyn opened, combining the charm of the popular Eastern European bathhouses and the free-yet-swanky spirt of a West Coast spa.

What makes the spa special is its size– over 10,000 sq. feet of space! Additionally, its services and amenities rival those of any high-end spa you would find in Manhattan while offering its customers pre-gentrification-Brooklyn prices!

There’s a large steam room, a Russian sauna (stone interior) and Swedish sauna (wood interior), jacuzzi and arctic pool. There are eight private treatment and massage rooms and one VIP room that comes with its own jacuzzi, steam room and plasma screen t.v., along with a complimentary bottle of champagne and an assortment of appetizers.

But that’s not all: Upon entering the spa, a huge lounge outfitted with comfy white furniture, work tables and a real fireplace greets patrons. Adjacent to the lounge is a small restaurant and full bar.

The spa is open seven days a week and offers one-day passes for $45; one month unlimited is $345; and a full year unlimited is $990.

Body by Brooklyn Spa: The bathhouse

“This is a huge space, it’s kind of under the radar,” said Dimitri Dovolis, the spa manager. “But it’s right smack in the middle of Clinton Hill, and it’s pretty funky. A person can relax here, get away from the daily grind and work on their project at the same time.”

Yep, that’s right. In addition to being a spa, the owners now are promoting the site as a co-working space– one that caters to entrepreneurs and small business owners. Body by Brooklyn is offering a co-working promotion: for a $225 monthly membership, new patrons will receive unlimited use of the spa facilities and a discount on the services, Monday through Fridays. The discounted offer is open only for a limited time, but once purchased, the price remains, as long as you keep up the membership.

“We’re trying to get people out of the cafes and into our spa,” said Dimitri. “It’s a unique situation. On Saturdays and Sundays, it’s pretty pretty busy in here. There’s people all over the place, at the bar… they’re having their margaritas at the pool. But during the weekdays, it’s much quieter.”

The lounge area and co-working space

“It’s a different environment than your regular work space,” added Mira. “It’s a warm, social communal environment. It’s co-ed… so people come in here to hang out for the whole day, do their work, take care of their health and also enjoy food or a drink. This is perfect for people in the arts where they are not looking to be restricted by an office space. It’s an easy-going, chill place.”

The bar and restaurant area

At that price point and with those amenities, it’s an attractive proposition: productivity with a peace offering. However, take note: It is a spa. That means, the space is dimly lit and is damp. If you’re fine working in a slightly humid environment with mostly natural light, then this is your paradise.

You can get your spa on, or get your work on, or both! Either way, one thing will be certain: you’ll always walk out relaxed and with good skin.

For a full list of Body By Brooklyn’s services or to take advantage of the co-working special, visit their website.


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