This tour will show you the morbid side of Brooklyn that history has tried to cover up.

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Two hours on this tricked-out trolley will change your perspective on Brooklyn’s history.

You would pass by the Brooklyn Bridge on any typical tour through Brooklyn. But would your average tour guide tell you how 27 people died during the bridge’s construction? Or how about the hip, family-friendly neighborhood of Boerum Hill used to be considered too haunted to pass through? Fortunately, Brooklyn has Madame Morbid’s Trolley Tours to fill people in on all the dark and spooky details of Brooklyn’s past that tend to be overlooked.

Madame Morbid’s CEO Allison Huntington Chase explained to BK Reader that “even if ghosts aren’t your thing, you’re still going to walk off the trolley knowing more than you did when you walked on.”

Get a sneak peek of Madame Morbid’s tour in the video below.

Shiloh Frederick

Shiloh Frederick reports for BK Reader. She is a recent graduate of Mount Holyoke College, where she earned an undergraduate degree in history, with a minor in journalism. Shiloh is now dedicating her...

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