“That Suits You” prepares young men and women how to navigate in the professional world with style, grace and the proper attire.

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PK Kersey, founder and CEO of That Suits You. Photo Credit: Margot Elise

After more than 24 years of working at the DMV, PK Kersey noticed a trend of young men entering the facility who not appropriately dressed for interviews. Realizing a disconnect between young men and professional fashion, Kersey founded in 2013 That Suits You, an organization dedicated to helping young men get geared up in proper attire, free of charge.

The nonprofit initially started as an outlet to assist previously incarcerated men to get back on their feet and dive into the professional world. But since then, That Suits You has grown into a movement that is giving men — and women — of all ages access to quality, professional attire regardless of their background and circumstance.

On Wednesday, April 26, That Suits You visited Manhattan Early College School for Advertising (MECA) for their career prep workshop where Kersey spoke to students about the importance of dressing professionally while teaching them how to tie a double Windsor knot and learning more about their future goals.

BK Reader had the opportunity to capture a few of those moments. Take a look at our video story!

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