Brooklyns Independent Cable Channel and Digital Network held a party in Manhattan to celebrate 11 nominations and five wins this year! 

The Great Pretender, BRIC, Tribeca Film Festival
The cast of The Great Pretender

Was Brooklyn in the house? Without a doubt! BRIC, the borough’s leading presenter of free cultural programming, continues to show how the Brooklyn brand is gilding its place as a hyperlocal media influencer with muscle.

Kuye Youngblood, BRIC TV, Aziz Isham, The Great Pretender
Kuye Youngblood, head of Development & Production for BRIC

This year, the Brooklyn-focused independent cable channel and digital network was nominated for 11 awards and took home five wins, at the 61st Annual New York Emmy Awards on Saturday, April 14, including four for BRIC TV and one for a video produced through BRICs Brooklyn Free Speech public access initiative. Additionally, for the second year in a row, BRIC TV participated in the Tribeca Film Festival debuting two new original series The Great Pretender, from filmmaker Nate Silver; and Dinette, from writer-director Shaina Feinberg.

Kuye Youngblood, BRIC TV, Aziz Isham, The Great Pretender
Aziz Isham, executive producer of BRIC TV with Kuye Youngblood, head of Development & Production of BRIC TV

BRIC is committed to telling compelling Brooklyn stories, and to amplifying the voices of those that often remain unheard,” said Leslie Schultz, president of BRIC. “We are thankful for this well-deserved recognition of our three path-breaking BRIC media initiatives BRIC TV, BRIC Media Share and Brooklyn Free Speech.

“Our four main silos experiment with new ways of storytelling,” said Aziz Isham, executive producer of BRIC TV. “We incubate new, upcoming artists; we’re big on informing the community about issues that impact them, so we do a lot of news; and we do a lot of impact partnerships where the community comes into our space.”

The winning programs included:

BK Slam | Frameworks; Produced by Chris Raddatz; Sachar Mathias, Supervising Producer; Aziz Isham, Executive Producer
Watch here.

Ghost: Bed-Stuy Veterans and The Evolution Of Bruk Up | BK Stories; Produced By Jasia Kaulbach; Charlie Hoxie, Senior Producer; Aziz Isham, Executive Producer Watch here.

#BHeard Town Hall: Class Divide Breaking The Pattern Of School Segregation; Produced by Megan Donis; Natasha Gaspard and Ro Johnson, Co-Producers; Aziz Isham, Executive Producer; Chris Raddatz, Director of Photography; Clinton Philson, Director; Moderated by Brian Vines (Senior Correspondent, BRIC TV) Watch here.

A Cop Watcher’s Tale: El Grito de Sunset Park Attempts to Deter Police Brutality | BK Stories; Produced by Steve de Sve; Jonathan Lief, Executive Producer Watch here.

Turning Point Brooklyn, The Johnny Effect | BRIC Media Share; Produced by Andrew Filippone, Jr.; Rose M. Crichton, Anthony Riddle and Julie Slotnik Sturm, Executive Producers. The Johnny Effect was produced through the joint efforts of BRIC Media Share and Turning Point Brooklyn, a program of Brooklyn Community Services. Watch here.

“The cool thing about what we do is that it’s really community-based programming,” said Aziz Isham, executive producer of BRIC TV. “Whether it’s at Tribeca or Sundance or the Emmy’s, this recognition is proof that community programming can have a seat at the table on every single level and at the highest level.”

On Monday, the BRIC team threw a big bash complete with catered food, beer and wine at DCTV, located at 87 Lafayette Street in Manhattan.

Check out this video with a few highlights from the party.

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