African American politician candidate woman giving a speech in front of United States of America flag
African American politician candidate woman giving a speech in front of United States of America flag

Being a 12 year-old girl growing up in Bed-Stuy, I have noticed that there needs to be some changes made to my neighborhood, state, and country based around housing, schools and society. Here are the first 6 things I would do if I were the president of The United States of America.

1. The sidewalks everywhere are dirty and littered with gum and dog poop. A way to fix this problem so that the streets we walk on everyday are not disgusting is to have sanitation workers clean the sidewalks similar to the way that they clean the roads.

2. The water bills in New York are unbelievably high and they make it hard for people to afford a simple necessity. If I were the president, I would lower the cost of water bills for homeowners so that they can take a nice, long shower without worrying about the piece of mail waiting for them at the end of the month.

3. College tuition prices are ridiculous and force many people to go without the higher education that would help them to get a better job. College in other countries are free and America should make it that way too, to ensure a greater success rate of our population.

4. Racism is sadly still a large part of society and it makes living in America hard for many people. Children form the majority of their opinions based off of what their parents think and what they hear around them. We can help to stop racism by teaching children about the history of race issues from an early age in schools.

5. Islamophobia is more prominent than ever especially with the current people holding political power. This can be solved by having more diversity in schools and in the workplace. This will help people to  understand that you cant just target an entire group of people with a bad reputation. No stereotype is accurate and they are always based off of ignorance.

6. If I were the president, I would do as much as I could for children to stop being homophobic and to become more open minded of each other. I could do this by making sure that kids knew loving someone of the same sex as you doesnt make you a bad person. If they grow up with an open mindset, they can spread happiness to others instead of tearing them down for things that they cant control.

In future presidential elections, we need to be more careful about who we elect, because the president has an enormous impact on opinions, schooling and housing. If we abuse the power to elect our president, America will have a lot of problems and will not be an enjoyable place to live.

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