‘The Farmer’s Dog’ delivers customized, pre-made and pre-portioned meals made from human-grade meats and vegetables to keep Fido happy and healthy

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The Farmer’s Dog’s cofounders, Jonathan Regev and Brett Podolsky, and their dogs.
Photo credit: Forbes.com

Think Blue Apron – but for doggies! Thanks to the Brooklyn startup “The Farmers Dog,” dog owners can now order customized prepared meals for their furry friends, made with healthy, human-grade ingredients, and delivered right to their doorsteps, reports Business Insider.

We forget dogs are animals, and for some reason, weve been conditioned to feed them small processed balls from a factory,” said The Farmers Dog co-founder Jonathan Regev.

Regev and his partner Brett Podolsky launched their enterprise in 2014 after Podolskys dog Jada developed food insensitivities and needed home cooked food to stay healthy. Making meals that were nutritionally balanced to keep Jada and the vet happy was a tough and time-consuming endeavor. While Podolsky was willing to spend hours cooking, he realized that other dog owners may not have the time to provide the same care to their pets.

Thus, the duo created a meal delivery service consisting of easy meals which are pre-made and pre-portioned. All meals are made from human-grade meats and vegetables and stay fresh up to a week. Each ‘menu’ is customized based on a questionnaire to assess the dogs needs. The team consults with vets to make sure the meals contain the proper levels of vitamins. And to really ensure the quality of the food, all meals are tested on… humans.

Its fun to think about the food being safe enough to eat, so you may as well try it, said Regev. But people are usually disappointed by how bland it is, its just meat and vegetables.

Having seen the difference the food has made in their own dogs, Regev and Podolsky are passionate about getting people to switch from factory made kibble to food thats cooked with real ingredients that are good enough for humans.

And the demand seems to prove them right. So far, the Farmer’s Dog has delivered one million meals already.

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