You could really stink!

If you didnt wash, of course, you would!  Even with basic washing, some of you know that you have smells coming from your bodily orifices that could be lethal if inhaled for prolonged periods of time! Surely a sign that things may not be right within. So, lets get back to basics. Water, the universal solvent, is required for every bodily function. Theres no way around it. Lets take a look at some of what it does for us.

Water is essential for digesting food. Its also important for getting rid of various toxic waste products from the body in the form of urine, sweat and fecal matter.

  • Water prevents constipation. The smell of waste sitting in the colon at almost 98.6 degrees will not go undetected after a day or two.
  • Water helps dissolve minerals and nutrients so the body can use them.
  • Water lightens the load on the kidneys and liver by flushing out waste products.
  • Water regulates and maintains body temperature.
  • Water that is present in our blood carries oxygen and nutrients to our cells. Blood is 83% water.
  • Water prevents dehydration, which we know can lead to death. At the very least, a water shortage leads to compromises in proper bodily functions.
  • Dry eyes, mouth or nostrils?? Water moistens delicate tissue.
  • Cant think clearly? Before you reach for coffee, try water.  Your brain is 75-85% water.  You or your children could just be suffering from chronic dehydration!
  • Drinking water 20-30 minutes before a workout could prevent muscle cramps or fatigue. Human muscle is 70% water.
  • Water is 95% of the lymphatic fluid, which helps the body fight disease.

This list can certainly continue. The point is, without an adequate amount of water within our body, liquid and solid waste matter concentrates, backs up and interferes with normal bodily functions. Rarely will you visit a doctor and have them ask if you are drinking enough water for your headache. You are responsible for that part of your well-being. Leave the advanced problems for your health care provider. Adequate water intake is a prerequisite for good health.

A general rule of thumb for an adequate intake of water is to take your body weight, divide it in half and convert it to ounces. Thats how much water you should be consuming daily. Get creative with it. Add fresh fruit slices, frozen fruit, ginger shavings, cucumber circles, mint sprigs, a few drops of a fresh fruit concentrate to your water.

Seduce yourself into getting it in.

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Skai Stroud

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