Physical healing is like mental, emotional, sexual or spiritual healing. When we ask to be healed, things have to come up in order to be released. When we ask to be healed, our hurts, our unhealed places, will be brought to the surface. We always have choices. We can deny, suppress or release.

If we are ready to release, then water is a necessary part of the process. Following the air we breathe, water is actually the second most important substance necessary to sustain life. Just as the majority of the earth is composed of water, so it is with the human body. Where there is movement of the waterways, there is life and vibrancy. Where there is stagnation, there is decay festering. The waterways of our body are our circulatory and lymphatic systems. A healthy flow throughout these systems is achieved simply by drinking copious amounts of water and physical movement daily.

We know that water is cleansing. We spare little expense when we engage in our daily showering /bathing rituals. Gallons and gallons of water along with our favorite soaps, gels, foams, bubbles, scrubs, exotic salts, oils, crystals, lotions, creams and a host of other accessories to enhance the experience, however modest or magical, is totally acceptable.

Yet as much as we like to keep the outside of our body showered, clean and fresh, many pay little attention to the need for keeping the inside of our bodies showered, clean and fresh as well! Many of us wouldn’t want to imagine living with someone whose idea of cleaning their body was occasionally spritzing with a water bottle, would we? Well, that’s what we’re doing internally when we say, “I don’t like to drink water. I can only drink about 2-3 glasses of water a day” when the total amount of water in the average human body is 37 liters!

If healing is a goal, copious amounts of water are essential.

If great health is a goal, copious amounts of water are essential.

If optimal health is a goal, copious amounts of water are essential.

If living is a …

OK, I think you can see that the importance of drinking copious amounts of water daily cannot be understated.

In some traditional cultures, the deep oceanic waters of Mother Earth are used as a metaphor for the spirit. When we choose to suppress emotions, it’s as if they were sunk into the ocean with an anchor. If they are suppressed, they are stagnant. As nothing stays the same, stagnation is not a state of suspended animation, but rather a state of slow, gradual decomposition. Hence the harm of suppressed, unresolved emotions which gradually, imperceptibly eat away at our inner peace. Emotion denotes movement on many levels. Suppression is a rudimentary attempt to stop an energy which is unstoppable. Suppressed emotions can remain for many years, present yet unseen, creating damage and decay just like a cancer.

When we choose to be healed, we give ourselves permission to allow the spirit to release areas of stagnation and pain. Yes, I did say pain. It’s no surprise then that one of the acts of cleansing emotional pain and healing also involves water in the form of tears! So, let the tears flow, drink copious amount of water, shower/bathe, cleanse and be healed.

Next, we’ll discuss more of the physiological importance of WATER!


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