Whether we are in the throes of a health crisis or simply just want to improve our current health status, often times the overwhelming question is: Where do I start? The aisles of health food stores are packed with every kind of product, with every kind of claim – regenerates, restores, repairs, replenishes, reverses, renews.  And please let us not forget energy, MORE ENERGY!!!  There are health related books, and practitioners, and foods ,and drinks, and gadgets and widgets! But where do we start?

If we look to the natural world, Mother Nature can be a superlative teacher. In the natural world, all things are not equal. Yet, no signs, banners or marches necessary to prove value or worth because all things have their role to play for the benefit of the whole (individual, family or community). There is an order or hierarchy ranging from absolutely essentially important to seemingly insignificantly important. So hierarchically speaking, as humans, what is the most absolutely essential element necessary for our bodys earthly existence? If you said the air we breathe, youre correct. If you didnt, try going without it for just 3 minutes. Ill wait.Quick lesson! Five to ten minutes will result in irreversible or fatal damage. Thats how important it is!

Not only does the quality and quantity of the breath affect our physical being, it also effects our mental, emotional and spiritual condition as well. But lets stick to the physical impact of oxygen for today. The air we breathe is a cocktail of several gasses. Oxygen is the second largest component of this mixture, with about 21%.

All functions of our body are regulated by oxygen. It must be replaced every moment because 90% of our lives depend on it. Oxygen energizes cells so they can regenerate. Our body uses oxygen to metabolize food, and to eliminate toxins and waste through oxidation. Our brain needs oxygen each second to process information. All of our organs need a great deal of oxygen to function efficiently. The ability to think, feel, move, eat, sleep and even talk, it all depends on energy generated from oxygen.

Dr Otto Warburg, Nobel Prize winner, said that when the normal respiration of body cells is replaced by cell respiration deficient in oxygen, the road to cancer has been opened. Cancer cells cannot grow in an oxygen rich environment.

How do we know if we are getting sufficient oxygen? Chances are great that you dont, if you are living the typical American sedentary lifestyle or living a significant amount of your life inside or online. Without adequate oxygen intake, the bodys ability to do everything efficiently is compromised. When we connect next, well discuss ways to increase the amount of oxygen were taking in.

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Skai Stroud

D. Skai Stroud is a Brooklyn resident and global citizen. Skai is just as at home walking in the woods or along the seashore, as she is walking the red carpet. As the former co-owner of a thriving holistic...

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