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Photo credit: Dumbo NYC

Ample Hills is ready take on rival Ben & Jerry’s with fun, playful flavors and a homemade quality that sets a very high bar

Photo credit: Dumbo NYC

Prospect Height’s Ample Hills Creamery is gearing up to become Ben & Jerry’s most serious competition, according to Business Insider. The Brooklyn-based company has become a favorite among New York City’s ice cream lovers thanks to its wide array of rich and zany flavors. Since its opening in 2011, the company has steadily expanded, now operating four branches in Brooklyn and four more all across the city.

In 2011, then-novice entrepreneurs and new parents Brian Smith and Jackie Cuscana began an exciting venture into the world of ice cream. They dedicated themselves to making ice cream the old-fashioned way and spent hours a day churning out their original flavors what would become their signature ice cream and baked goods. When the couple eventually launched their first creamery, they were not prepared for the success that awaited them. Within days after the opening they had to close – due to an ice cream shortage!

Ice cream power couple Jackie Cuscana and Brian Smith

Realizing that the demand for their goods was much higher than anticipated, they decided to grow their business slowly and steadily. Today, Smith and Cuscana own eight locations in New York City and one in Disney World; a ninth shop is set to open in New Jersey. They also expanded their retail business: Pints of Ample Hills’ finest ice cream are sold in 32 stores citywide.

But according to Smith, this is just the beginning for the ice cream power couple.

“We want our brick-and-mortar shops to be community hubs in the way that [Starbucks executive chairman] Howard Schultz transformed the idea of coffee shops into a destination. Where people go to pass the time … we want to do that with ice cream,” said Smith.

Smith and Cuscana are serious about their mission, and their ice cream. They host parties, soirees and fun happenings to bring ice cream lovers and the community together. During the monthly ”Pints and Postcards” event, guests can enjoy a pay-as-you-wish sundae bar while filling out meaningful postcards; all proceeds are donated to a charity chosen for that month. Guests who want to dive deeper into the art of ice cream-making can attend classes where they learn everything from the basics to alcohol-infused recipes.

On their way to creating an ice cream empire, Smith and Cuscana will soon open a 15,000-square-foot factory and interactive storefront in Brooklyn where customers will be able to tour the property while indulging in the creamery’s sweet creations. The launch of a store in Los Angeles is also in the near future.

Ample Hills is ready to take on rival Ben & Jerry’s with fun, playful flavors and a homemade quality that sets a very high bar.


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