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Dedicated to ‘de-gentrify’, HOUSING provides space to display critical content, and to advance the visibility and inclusion of artists of color

photo credit: American Medium

HOUSING, a new Bed Stuy gallery which moved into the gallery space previously occupied by American Medium, is on a mission to “de-gentrify” space, and to promote art and critical discourse by supporting black artists and people of color, reports ARTnews. The gallery’s first official opening show is scheduled for September 22.

“The gallery aims to de-gentrify the space, effectively supporting the practices of black artists and non-black people of color,” said HOUSING’s creative director Eileen Isagon Skyers in an email.

HOUSING is run by Skyers along with gallery owner and director K.J. Freeman who are committed to foster public discourse through the work of artists and creative practitioners whose works display critical commentary and intent. By offering space and supporting artistic practices and experiences, the gallery works to advance the visibility and inclusion of artists of color.

Photo credit: HOUSING

Yet, HOUSING’s mission of inclusion and awareness about critical content such as gentrification extends beyond the gallery’s walls. A statement on the website encourages visitors to not only seek out the gallery, but to explore and engage with the neighborhood, and highlights local businesses and neighborhood spots such as Peaches Hot House, the Crabby Shack and Brooklyn Blend.

“If you are visiting HOUSING and have never been to the area before, or do not know it well, we kindly ask that you engage with the history and background of the community and its inhabitants, who have witnessed significant shifts and displacement as a result of renovations, new developments and, consequently, inflated pricing.”

To support the gallery’s operation, HOUSING has launched an IndieGoGo campaign with staggered levels of possible contributions, fittingly named after neighborhood streets such as Halsey Street, Dekalb Avenue and Stuyvesant Avenue.

The first show is scheduled for September 22 and will feature a two-person exhibit with Winslow Laroche and Brandon Holmes. Future events are exhibitions by Keijaun Thomas and Rafia Santana, among others.

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