Welcome to BK Reader 3.0!

C. Zawadi Morris, Publisher, BK Reader

Dear Brooklyn Readers,

This year, we’re happy to announce our latest, annual “nip-n-tuck.” After a few on-site surveys and a Google Analytics review of the stories that seem to resonate most with our audience, BK Reader now will focus content in three primary areas: Arts & Entertainment; Lifestyle & Culture; and Business & Innovation. Interestingly, these same three segments align with three of the biggest contributing factors that make Brooklyn one of the most popular destinations to visit and live today.

A more narrowed focused does not mean you cannot count on BK Reader for the latest in local politics, education, crime or housing. These stories also will be curated daily for your information. However, much of the originally reported content will focus on the three aforementioned areas while we endeavor to take a deeper dive with the editorial in each segment.

Our commitment always has been and always will be to quality content and the best user experience.

Another change you might also notice is an enhanced geolocation feature (Bloom) that allows readers an easier way to search recent stories by area code, as well greater facility in finding notices and upcoming events. Also, look for our neighborhood pages, and take advantage of bookmarking those news pages that are most relevant to you.

C. Zawadi Morris, Publisher, BK Reader

On the social media front, we’re also stepping up our game! More callouts, more contests and more content! Also, BK Reader works with the city-sponsored Summer Youth Employment Program (SYEP) where we train teens to serve as #BrooklynKnights, BK Reader’s “Social Media for Social Justice” Army. We hope to continue this program year-round with other local youth as a way to increase civic participation amongst young people while showing them creative ways to use social media for social good!

And we want to hear from you! Your voice is essential. Share with us your local news announcements, inspirations, insights, opinions, industry updates either as a blog post in our “Local Voices” section or on our bulletin board!

Finally, I, C. Zawadi Morris, as the editor and publisher, am making a personal commitment to connect with you. Get ready for more letters from me in which I’ll share my personal views on local and national news. You’ll get a chance to get to know me a bit more, with hopes that I too learn a bit more about you! Up until now, I’ve remained in the background because I felt it was important I drew an early distinction between BK Reader as a trusted news site, versus a personal blog (by the way, it’s the former, lolol).

However, in this world of social media where faces, personality and opinions seem to have the greatest impact on audiences, I’ve decided to let down my guard and jump in. And no worries, I’m a naturally chatty gemini, so once I get started, you’ll have a hard time getting me to stop!

So, to my community: I appreciate and love you all!! Welcome to BK Reader 3.0!


C. Zawadi Morris, Editor and Publisher


Your contribution is appreciated.

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  1. What a terrific Job you are doing! I don’t listen to or read the news. The way I get important information about Crown Heights is every morning through BK Reader online. I often share stories with family and friends. I even won the $50 weekly survey! Concentating on these 3 areas is what interests me the most. And I’m happy to know I can get upcoming events in my neighborhood. From a homeowner who lives in the Crow Hill section of CH, with my daughter who owns a dance school in Brooklyn, founder of the Brooklyn Dance Festival, and board member of Boro Prez Eric Adams’ One Bklyn Foundation; my son in law who owns a CSA in Bed-Stuy Stuy and was chef at Soul Flavors (Jersey City), Emmeline’s, and Bread Love (both in Bed Stuy): and my two grandsons who go to Greene Hill School and use the Brooklyn Navy Yard as their classrooms. Though born in Minneapolis, I’ve been a Brooklyn since 1968 and proud of it. Kudos to you and your staff!

    1. Seana, you are a true Brooklynite!!!! The threads of your family run through and through the borough! Thank you for your kind words. Our staff works hard because of our love for this community also. And it always is affirming to know that our work is appreciated! Best, czm.

  2. Congratulations Zawadi for coming forward with your great personality and for infusing an abundance of energy for the renewed and refreshed BK Reader site!

    It is wonderful to see how BK Reader has evolved. Although your pages are always relevant and vibrant, there is more engaging and appealing content and layout. You really are exceptional at placing Brooklyn on the map!

    Like Seana, I plan to stay tuned into BK Reader and make it a regular part of my life; moreso because I have a teenage daughter, and want to ensure she has the right influences and opportunities. Your inclusion of our youth in community development through (SYEP) and #BrooklynKnights places responsibility and accountability on us and our young ones on decision making. Kudos indeed.

    I remain committed to Local Voices through my TalentIQ blog and hope to redefine human experiences in the corporate setting. And I suspect I might dabble in stories of a different nature (Lifestyle & Culture) since there are so many things happening around us to share and improve our journeys.

    Hats off to the renewed and refreshed you and BK Reader!

    Caroline Bruno, sHRBP

    1. Caroline!!!! Thank you thank you thank you for your support and always thank you for lending your “Local Voice!!” Looking forward to a more cohesive, more informed and stronger community in Brooklyn!! *Cheers*

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