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Photo credit: www.nbcnews.com

With ‘Juices For Life’, Angela Yee is on a mission to make juicing a thing

Photo credit: www.nbcnews.com

Bed Stuy’s ‘Juices for Life‘ is on mission to make juicing a social thing – thanks to co-owner and ‘The Breakfast Club’ host Angela Yee, reports NBC. The juice bar franchise, brainchild of renown rappers Styles P and Jadakiss, opened its doors in Brooklyn in September 2016. When Yee learned about how they were making their respective hometowns healthier, she proposed a Brooklyn location to bring fun, healthy and affordable options to her neighborhood.

“I live in Bed Stuy,” said Yee. “I’m from Flatbush. It’s not that easy to find places that are close by that I feel offer healthy options.”

‘Juices for Life’ is located on Malcolm X Boulevard, in an area that is saturated with small corner stores which have tobacco, candy, alcohol and soda easily available while affordable, fresh produce is scarce. Bed Stuy, whose population is 64 percent African-American, is NYC’s eighth-poorest neighborhood: one in three resident lives below the federal poverty level. According to a 2015 New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene Community Health profile, 34 percent of adults consume one or more 12-ounce sugary drinks a day. Yee shared a similar experience growing up.

‘My house always had all the junk food. I used to drink soda, Hi-C and Hawaiian punch every day. That’s how I grew up in Brooklyn,” she admits.

Photo credit: www.nbcnews.com

When Yee developed high cholesterol in college, she started to replace the cheap, sugary drinks by blending fresh fruits and vegetables. Now, “I rather have my green juice in the morning,” said Yee.

‘Juice for Life’ aims to spread healthy eating to communities with a lack of access to fresh foods. The juice bar’s knowledgeable staff combines fruits and vegetables into tasty drinks at affordable prices. Customers can choose from 70 distinct juice selections, ranging between $5 and $6.

“I’m not telling anybody they have to be perfect, said Yee. “But what I’m saying is you can be better and it tastes really good too!”


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  1. There is also Brooklyn Blend….at Tompkins at DeKalb…they do an excellent juicing job too….Not Everyone living in Bed Stuy lives or will travel to Malcolm X Blvd just to get a smoothie. I will certainly check out Juice for Life if I am ever in that area of Bed Stuy..

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