Happy Papa Bear's Day. Painting By Harriet Faith.
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Happy Papa Bear’s Day. Painting By Harriet Faith.

Keeping it short and sweet on this post…..

Whether you are a father, have a father, adore your father or, as is often the case, have some issues with your father, (I can assure you I am a member of the latter group) I hope you had a really nice day yesterday. I missed sending this out on Sunday due to technical difficulties, but I tend to think that like Mother’s Day and Earth Day, perhaps Father’s Day should be every day. So that means I can wish it today, and all week!
Hoping you have a great week!

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Harriet Faith

Harriet Faith is an artist, illustrator, writer, inspiring speaker, a dedicated animal advocate and a transformational photographer and creative business coach for artists and entrepreneurs. She is thrilled...

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