It's common to see outdoor vendors selling Caribbean products. There's a large Caribbean population in Flatbush.
It’s common to see outdoor vendors selling Caribbean products. There’s a large Caribbean population in Flatbush.

Flatbush, Brooklyn– also known as “The Flossy,” has a population of 110,875. Flatbush Avenue which run north to south beginning at the Manhattan Bridge, cuts through Downtown Brooklyn, Park Slope, past Prospect Park and the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens into Flatbush, which begins at Empire Boulevard and runs to Kings Highway.

Together, Flatbush and East Flatbush are bordered to the north by Crown Heights and Prospect Heights, to the east by Brownsville and East New York and to the West by Kensington, and to the south by Midwood, Flatlands and Canarsie.

The Dutch merchants and farming families played a big role in the early development of Flatbush, maintaining a distance from the rest of Brooklyn and New York. But the emergence of the subway in the 1920s connected it to surrounding areas in an unprecedented way. Historically, the majority of residents in Flatbush are working class, but there also are middle-class and wealthier residents who call Flatbush home. Flatbush also has the largest concentration of residents from Caribbean than any other neighborhood in Brooklyn. The primary commercial strips are Flatbush and Church avenues.

Most of the businesses in Flatbush are small, with some larger businesses also now opening around Kings Plaza. Flat Bush is a part of the community board 14. The Flatbush Avenue Business Improvement District provides services to keep Flatbush Avenue from Park side Avenue to Cortelyou Road clean, safe and profitable for its businesses.

Flatbush is home to a number of elementary and intermediate schools, as well as the Erasmus high school, which was founded in 1786, has a long list of famous alumni. the high school building has been expanded numerous times, and is notable for its relatively unique architecture. Since 1994, the building has been divided internally into five smaller high schools, each concentrating on a different academic area. Brooklyn College is part of CUNY and one of the few four-year colleges in the the community.

Some famous people who were either born and/or raised in Flatbush include Neil Diamond, Norman Mailer, Busta Rhymes, Talib Kweli, Leona Helmsley, Eric Clapton, Jidenna, Dave Matthews, Barbara Streisand and many many more.

Please enjoy the pictures I have taken of Flatbush.

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