The sister neighborhoods of Brownsville and East New York are located in the eastern part of Brooklyn, bordered to the north by Bedford Stuyvesant, the west by Crown Heights and southwest by Flatbush.

The population is 58,300 in Brownsville and 91,958 in East New York. Residents’ zip codes are 11212 and 11233 in Brownsville and 1207 and 11208. The two are often grouped together because they share a community board, CB 6.

Brownsville was founded by William Suydam. Historically, it was the Dutch that settled Brownsville and made it their land, therefore much of their impact can still be seen in the buildings which have the same Brownstone architecture as in its other sister neighborhood Bed-Stuy.

East New York was a predominantly Jewish neighborhood from about the early 1800s to mid/late 1900s. During that time, it was a manufacturing hub, so there were many factories built.

Some of the well-known figures who were born and/or raised in Brownsville/East New York include Actor Vince Edwards, RZA of the Wu Tang, former New York Knick Gregory Jackson, boxing champion Mike Tyson, writer Isaac Asimov, and Rabbi Meir Kahane, to name a few.

Please enjoy these photos I took of Brownsville and East New York, exposed, through my camera lens.

Miracle Singleton

Hello, I am a MYBASE intern. I am a young women, 20 years old, who likes writing and photography. I'm Brooklyn born and raised... from the Bed-Stuy, Crown Heights communities. I am a very friendly and...

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